Cat with Mouse, Andy Runyon (3D)


Hahah lovely character! good work man :thumbsup:


lool great work,very funny and unique!

I think a motion blur in that little mouse would be cool either!


I really like your work,
love texture, shading, and lighting.
good work.

Han Yu
Lighting / Look Dev artist.


desaicx, Arkaiko, frossi:

Thanks a lot for your kind words! I’m currently re-working it based on all of the comments I received here…I guess I wasn’t done haha.


Looks very nice. My only critique in addition to the others is that there seems to be visual tension between the bottom edge of the mouse and the shadow of the water bowel. Seperating the two could really help to sell that the mouse is running.


No crits here, all have been said °_-

Very original works imo. I would love to see it animated :wink:

I especially like the lighting, over-exposed areas work fine in this picture :thumbsup:

Congrats for teh award :slight_smile:


Thanks Chokmah! And thanks CGTalk for the award! I’ve got you figured out, you just like cute cat renderings!

Gumpshmee: I’ll look into moving stuff around, I originally had the shadow there to give contrast to the mouse. Maybe you’re right though, it could be causing some confusion/tension.


Congratulations!! wonderful design and very sweet style! love it and Cheers!! :smiley:


Really lovely work! Congrats!

Just a question: How did you managed the structure of the carpet…it looks so nice…?


Amazing characters, congrats !


nice textures, and focus of camera too. i like it.


javiermolina, abiko, victorior: Thank you!

Creaticious: For the rug I actually modeled a little U shape and then cloned it around concentric oval shapes. Then I added hair. Thanks for looking!


Very funny cat! I like his expression! :slight_smile:


well done ! very unique work - lovely and creepy at the same time … congrats !


The cat looks creepy. Something about the smile I guess. But it’s really awesome!


Thanks megalmn2000!

LadyMedusa: Probably the fact that he has 46 teeth smiling at you is what’s making him so creepy! Thanks for commenting!


Came here to say this. :beer: :beer:


Very nice scene, but I couldn’t understand what was up with the mouse in the first view, if it was flying, stopped, jumpping. Maybe I got confused becouse of the shadow under him!


Wow! Wonderful and engaging character with a smile that is a just the right degree of emotionally disturbing…love it…


great work. Love the style!