Cat with Mouse, Andy Runyon (3D)


Title: Cat with Mouse
Name: Andy Runyon
Country: USA
Software: CINEMA 4D, Photoshop
Submitted: 15th April 2011

(Re-uploaded with my full name; Sorry!)

I’ve been working on this thing on and off for the past several months, I’m so glad to be done with it finally. I like leaving the story up to the viewer, so I won’t tell my version.

I used Cinema 4D R12, then photoshop for lots of post.


I’m gonna be so harsh on this, so be prepared!
its awesome specially its teeth :smiley: ! the only crit i can give is that the contact region between the rug and floor lacks some AO.


the idea is cool , specially the cat look awesome , is the Mouse flying ? or its supposed to be on the ground or its my ayes reading upside down ? :eek: :applause:


Superhero: Thanks! That’s a good point, I didn’t use AO all over so next time I’ll have to think of that.

TheKrakan: You’re the second person to think he’s flying, I think his pose could use some work. It’s a cartoony speedy run where he’s mid air. Thanks for the comment!


Very cool style, the cat itself is just brilliant. I agree that the mouse’s pose is a little confusing at the moment. Maybe some motion blur on its shadow would help?


Very good and funny cat. I like it


Hehe this is so cool! I love the cats fur. It’s not the usual stuff but very creative.

Yes, I too thought the mouse was accidently in the air :slight_smile: Maybe if it was more stretched and had a bit of a bend on it…like an arch…that would create more of an illusion of running fast.

Great job!


great work.nice style.
but my only criticism is about cats eyes, you should more work on that part.
keep up your good work.


Brilliant! It made me laugh out loud :smiley:


perfect work!


Great work love the style :bowdown:


i love it… :applause:


Thanks for all the comments!

shinybinary & Crayox: Thanks, I’ve been drawing variations on this cat for years, this is the best version yet. I’ll look into re-rendering this with a better mouse pose.

Eduardd: Thank you, I’m glad you found it funny and not too creepy!

alichenari: Hmm…I wonder what to do to the eyes?

AJ: Awesome! Glad you laughed.

Creieru: Thank you!!!

poked: Thanks, I’m working on a doggie next!

mattroussel: Thanks a bunch! I’ve loved your work for a while, I especially love the ‘Wuzen’ image!


Stunning style! Everything perfect, expect maybe (i apologise) the hovering mouse (i’d give him longer legs to make the jump more obvious in that sharpness) and (that’s possibly just me) the missing volume of the wool ball.

Nonetheless an oustanding original work!


Thanks Zonkana! I’m re-rendering the image with a better pose now. It will have some better motion blur too. I’m not sure what you mean about the volume on the wool ball, do you mean it needs to pop a little bit more?


Just amazing style!!! Great great! All guys already said what could be improved, but is awesome the way that it is now! Congratulations! :smiley:


At first a little correction: meant “except” instead of “expect” :smiley:

I think the wool ball needs more shadows on the wool itself. It appeared to me almost a bit flat like a composited picture at first glance. But as mentioned, it might be just me…

Keep up the beautiful work!


hahaha, this is so cool and original. Have a plan to animate it?


nice work on the lighting and texturing!


jadecilcleton: Thanks a bunch! I plan to do more like this.

zokana: Ok, I’ll take a look at the wool ball. I think I’ll just make sure to use an AO pass on the whole thing this time.

stankovigorro: Thanks you thank you. No, unfortunately I went into this specifically trying steer away from my usual ‘make sure everything is animatable’ mindset and while it was freeing I’m certainly wishing I could animate this guy now! His body is just modeled in that pose.

bpx: Thanks alot! I’ve spent many hours staring at this cat render…