CAT rig issues - Help needed



I’m not new to CGI, however, I’d never had to rig and skin a character up till now. I’m using 3ds Max and CAT (well, I’ve finally found out why I keep hearing not to use CAT in the first place… :slight_smile: ) and I’m stuck at a problem with animating. I create the rig itself, but when I add a CATMotion layer, it just sort of blows up the rig’s default pose and it ends up like something I would define as a zombie trying himself out at breakdancing. :slight_smile: (I hope that illustrates the problem at hand…) Afterwards all the animation gets calculated for that distorted rig. Obviously enough, the same thing happens when I have the character mesh attached to the rig. Could anyone please help me with this? I’m just out of ideas. Of course, I my understanding of CAT may lack some fundamental piece that makes this issue a trivial one. If so, please point it out to me. :slight_smile:

Thank you ever so much :slight_smile:


This is strange… did you changed one of the existing rigs for your model (it’s best course of action) or make one from scratch? did you used scale tool when creating rig? I learned hard way that it is MANDATORY to use scale tool ONLY in sub-levels of objects and never ever on object itself. also, default walk preset in CatMotion layer is always bad. That’s normal. You must tweak it until you get something you like.


Thanks! :slight_smile: Yes, I tried to use scale for fine-tuning… now I know it was a bad idea. :slight_smile: Actually, I found that ANY scaling has the potential to mess up the rig, and that I should just forget it after creating the rig itself.
So, basically, it’s going to be okay only if I get the exactly right height when I create the rig. Now that I know this, it’s understandable, I just never thought the problems could come from there. :blush:


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