CAT - remove stretch from FK spine?


hello all,
we are doing some experiments with cat and can’t seem to figure out this little problem:

CAT’s default behavior is the procedural spline ik setup, but it can be easily switched to fk. fk is great and animators like it, but by grabbing the ribcage hub node you can translate and create stretching in the rig (we can’t have stretching on bones). is there a way to turn that off and have the rig attempt to solve to that ribcage hub? obviously without stretch, it would probably not be able to solve to a translated target, but that would be fine. the only other option would be to lock translation on that node, which is not ideal since it limits how the animators work and they are currently used to the procedural spline ik back which is based on translation of that hub node for posing.

(ps sorry for anyone who sees this as a duplicate post from TAO!)


The spine shouldn´t stretch anymore, as soon as you apply a animation layer on your CAT rig.


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