CAT Pose Mixer


Is anybody using CAT Pose Mixer successfully in 2013 for facial animation.

I’ve setup a quick test with facial bones etc and mirrored them as mentioned in the help file but I’m getting no movement when I try to dial back in the poses. Nor when I double click the saved pose. In fact nothing at all from saved poses.
I’m working on an active animation layer ??

Wondering what I’m missing ??

On a similar note - does anybody know of any wire’able Pose Stores other than Pose-o-matic from di-o-matic that are scripted or cheaper plugins.


Yes, using successfully but mirror seems not to work. Are you sure you selected the bones you wanna save?


Yep bones selected and saved to a file, I then change the pose, save it and try to dial back in the other pose, but nothing.
Just found this :- same procedure


Just checked at home. Doesn’t work for 2012 either - but does work for 2011 as expected ! Wtf

Gräck are you using 2013 and have it working ?

also found this :-


No, I’m using 2011. There was also a bug where poses are not being saved when a CAT Gizmo is selected instead of a CAT Bone. This I could easily fix in the Pose Mixer script itself. Maybe you could also fix the issue you are having in 2012/2013 on your own…


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