Can do Kirt, I’ll just dial it back to one of the previous versions and tone it down. I have to say I had fun though playing around with bevel and spin-quads to give me the funky surface. I’ll have an update up soon.



Alright, first I apologize for not resolving this sooner. Life issues that will soon be resolved as well. I pledge to have this done by the end of the month or Ila can hang me by my toes while covered in honey and release a hungry grizzly on me.



LOL! :smiley: no, I’m not that bad-ass, not a grizzly, how about a blue panther?
this kitty is so awesome Kenn, make it blue.


Okay here is an update. Its been awhile since I’ve been on this mesh. I kept the simpler look with some tufts but kept the complicated tail. It can be changed back if necessary. Still need internals such as eyes, teeth and tongue. Changed the size of the feet and all as well. Feedback is welcome. I guess no grizzly this time…whew!



And for Ila here’s a blue version…



miaw!.. KoOoL! …


Hey Kirt,
Disregarding the Blue version, how does the cat look? I apologize for it not being completed sooner, the R/L thing.

Kenn :wip:


If you want my opinion: excellent!

But I think it may need claws, it may have to show them in one moment of the animation or other.



I thought posting here would be as good as any…after Jan 3rd I’ll be offline for awhile since I’ll be moving. I’ll drop a line once I’m back in the virtual world. Later!



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