Well, I’m going to start in on misc. items for now. All I can find of the cat is this one:

It looks like a tabby from what I can tell. Kirt, can you give me a bit more in reference since the pic isn’t that high of resolution? Thanks!



you are going to make a new record huh?! :smiley:
I think you should leave Kirt and make your Cat based on that tiny sketch, IMO. :stuck_out_tongue:
btw, I want you to share the title ‘Modeling Director’ with me, please? you deserve it more than me! Kirt?
cheers :thumbsup:


“Modelling Madman” I say :smiley:

I’ll see if I can’t get a sketch or two of the cat tonight. Busy night for me at work, but I’ll have to take a break or two sometime.


Quite honestly its the beauty of modeling in the LW workflow, with my foundation in the A:M spline based for some reason I took to it alot better than Maya. I like Maya’s versatility but you loose something in the workflow, plus Maya’s sub-d’s are such a pain for me to work with. I’ll take the focusing limitation of the single layer of LW’s sub’s to the many of Maya’s. Plus with the great concepts and style that I like that we have here, its easier for me to knock these characters out.

Kenn :wip:

P.S. Ila whatever you feel comfortable with doing, I’m open to contributing.


UMMMM… Ila. Kirt can we say SUPER MODELER…:beer: To Kenn


Thanks Koinu the compliment is appreciated. I guess its cool when you find something you really like to do. For me its modeling and animation but so far most of my experience is with modeling.



Strange … I’ve just found out that I can’t draw cats.
bleah I’m trying, but so far they all suck.

I’m more of a dog person. :smiley:


LOL! I know the feeling, I’ve taken the longest time in the past modeling animal rear haunches. I’m hoping I can pull it off this time without it being a major production. No rush, inspiration is a fickle woman…(waiting for a comment from one of the females :smiley: )



How about some Bill the Cat for some inspiration? With some Opus and Milquetoast contemplating the finer points of life…:smiley:




hehe would be quite cool…but: although it’s not up to me, i don’t think this cat would fit in with the style, we probably need a more realistic, just a little tooned up, cat. :shrug:


if you want some cat concepts, i would be happy to do some for you folks
i like drawing cats:blush:


This is the best that I have …

I’m thinking that maybe it’s not to late to substitute the cat with my big-eyed chihuahua. Hehehehe :smiley:


AAAHHH, no not the pineapple dress! Hey I’ll model whatever you put up there, we can do the chihuahua. I can work with what you have to get here as a start, then we can tweak the 3D form to carry the same style as the rest…k? You let me know what to do for the “pet” model.



No, that was a joke. The cat is needed because he has more weight. It’ll be more clear as to why later …


LOL! those cats … I thought they are rats! … :smiley: I assume you never had a cat before, you a dog lover. :scream:


That would be correct … I’m highly allergic to cats and can find no real use for them except target practice (j/k - to all the cat lovers). I told you my cat drawings sucked. If rikrog or anyone else wants to try designing the cat, that would be fine with me.

The only thing is that it must fit the style of the other characters.


Hi Kirt
i will do a few concepts based on your current design, try and bring out a little more catness:wip:



Here’s some cat concepts based on a cat i once had called Isaac (RIP). My drawing style is somewhat different to Kirt’s, hopefully should fit in with the others once modelled. looking back i prefer the way kirt had its tail with a very bulbous end.

higher- res versions available if required.

hopefully of some help. if you what him tweaked in any way, i would be happy to oblige.


Isaac cat>

expressions pics (i don’t like the mouth open pic, but what the hey, there it is), sleeping pic, wiggly sniffy nose concept, night eyes pic and cat feet detail pics>

few extra mog alternates hanging around>


Cats-Nuts! :smiley:


coloured up cat>