cat in love, Ehsan Hassani Moghaddam (3D)


the shadows on the char and style rocks


Perfect! Nice job, love the character!


thumbs up for your piece of art here.
lovely colors used. nice character, very funny


Maya, mental ray
good idea! I like it very much!
Thank you so much for kind words.


congratulations man…great job…


Very nice!
i love the character design, and all the illustration, very cool view and lighting!! :love:


Thank you all and thanks to the CGSociety judges for the Award, I didn’t expect this at all.
It was my dream :wavey:


Congratulation man!


lovely work and very well deserved award.


cheers! you really deserve it! :thumbsup:


Hi Ehsan, Congratulations!
Character design and the concept is very nice and an animation of this would be great!
See you soon!


This is super cool! Love it :slight_smile: Congrats! :bowdown:


I love it!!! Such a great expression on the cat’s face.

Apparently I can’t put four exclamation marks in a row.


amazing cat… ! what should i say… just loved it…!!


niceee ! I love the style and idea .
Great job


Hi again,
Congrats for the CGchoice Award :beer:


congrats Ehsan, for your cute and original Design. See you soon


Well Done!


Hey Ehsan, Very beautiful, nice lighting, a great fresh feel.
Pose wise, since he’s resting his head on his hand, you could’ve pushed the right cheek/lip a little upwards.
Great work. Would like to see him animated :slight_smile:


Great Mood and Lighting, Excellent ! :slight_smile: