cat in love, Ehsan Hassani Moghaddam (3D)


Title: cat in love
Name: Ehsan Hassani Moghaddam
Country: Turkey
Software: Maya, mental ray

This little cat is in love with fishes, he would marry to a cat-fish if he finds one :slight_smile:
I tried to have a style for the character, after doing lots of drawings of cats dreaming about fishes, this one looked the right one to me. The main idea is my wife’s, Mahsa Rakhshani. We barely find time for doing extra works but we couldn’t leave this one so we stayed awake for one month or so. Most of our time went on the composition and lighting. The model took just 1 or 2 days, texturing took just half a day. Maybe we make an animation out of this character later if we find a good story and have enough time.
Hope you like it.
Comments and critiques are most welcome.
Thanks for your time.


Very cute character and well executed piece. His shading reminds me a bit of a rubber toy, but that is not a bad thing :slight_smile:

Cobra 6


pretty nice work.

The room can use more colors to brighten up the scene :slight_smile:


Very nice i like it! And the concept is very funny!
Thanks you made my day!


Awww Kitteh! Very nice work. I love the cat’s facial expression and the shader you used. It makes him look like he’d feel nice and squishy :slight_smile:


Very cute. I like the colors and mood.


Nice one, this is very cute and dreamy! I’m waiting for some more picture from you and Mahsa!


man this is so amazing. love the color and the light looks so natural. congratilation!


i loved! the colors and visual fantastic!


Very nice.

PS. What are two sperms doing on the wall? :slight_smile:


This is really cool. Love the perspective!


awesome cat, very like


Hi everybody,
Thank you so much for kind words. I didn’t expect these comments from you great guys!
About the sprems, really cool point of view :slight_smile: originally, they are octopuses with one foot! but probably I was not successful to show my idea completely :frowning:


Thumbs Up, good idea! I like it very much!


A question

This cat is in love with a fish? haha
I can see that the cat is drawing his love…hope that this love won’t pass thru stomach…:))

great job


very very nice job , :thumbsup:
dude maybe a soft hair on character can be better .


You’re right about the fur, to be honest, I tried so many different ways to create a nice one( fur, hair, shave and haircut) but there were always problems, I needed to comb a very nice hair, it would take so much time, I attached an image of the combed version but for making it better I should have spent more time and for rendering a good fur with high quality lighting, I needed to have a good system (I did this image on my laptop, what a pain!) at the end, these are just lame excuses, I was so lazy to do that :slight_smile:


simple but great… the idea is beautiful


Amazing cartoon style design, congrats Ehasn!


Very cute! love it a lot! Cheers