CAT horse... a better walking cycle


i have a Horse already rigged to a CAT rig. the walk cycle is so so… actually it looks strange to be honest.

i wonder if anyone knows where i could find a CAT cycle for a horse that looks natural.




yes of course i considered animating it myself. but i’m looking to import CAT data that’s better than the standard horse walk cycle

#4 (137.2 KB)

Original creator joshpurple


whoa… that’s amazing and very impressive!.. thanks man!


my immediate reaction is why isn’t the head bobbing ?

close races are decided by exactly that…the head of a horse bobbing up and down (or back and forth) …at the right time, win the race.


i have a side question about CAT animation…
is there a way to get hands, for example, to lock onto a specific spot… think hands on a steering wheel, or hands on horse saddle?

in Motion Builder their called Aux Effectors… not sure if this is doable with CAT bones


of course you can:
CAT_drive.max (740 KB)


that’s soooo useful… Thanks vusta!


The file is not of my authorship is of another user that in the forum of autodesk area where I publish many cat animations to download.