Cast Shadows in MR


I’m working on lighting a scene with reflective surfaces in it. I can tweak the reflections just fine, but I can’t seem to get any cast shadows to show up at all. What am I missing?



Informations about the used software.


Reflection overrides diffuse. You can’t see a shadow on a perfectly clean mirror.


Sorry about the vauge posting.

I’m using Maya 8 and the plug-in MR that came with it.

In the pictures, you’ll notice that the cube has attached shadows, but no cast shadows, nor does the sign to the right of the cube in the first picture.

I hope this helps!


i take it you turned on shadows for the light?


Yeah, I checked the check boxes for the shadows.


Here are screenshots of the shadow attributes of the MR lights.


Yay! I got the cast shadows to show up! Here’s a pic of the cast shadows, which are kinda diffuse, but is that correct because of all the reflective surfaces in the scene?


How do the shadows look? Good? bad? :smiley:


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