Casino Saga - Roulette Chase


   Ars Thanea's creative work for Casino Saga, a digital casino game, is a 30-second 

spot featuring dynamic pirate’s chase through the colorful landscapes of Casino
Saga island, filled with humor and deadly explosions. We were responsible for
the creative and full production.

        Client: Rushplay AB / Casino Saga - [](
        Agency & Production: Ars Thanea - [](
        Executive Creative Director: Peter Jaworowski
        Director: Karol Kolodzinski
        Script: Karol Kolodzinski
        Production Director: Marcin Molski
        Technical Lead: Patryk Habryn
        CG Supervisor: Pawel Szklarski
        Art Directors: Karol Kolodzinski, Patryk Habryn, Michal Lisowski, Pawel Szklarski
        Concept Artists: Michal Lisowski, Krzysztof Roslan, Mikolaj Piszczako
        Character Artist: Lukasz Skurczynski
        Modeling Artists: Lukasz Skurczynski, Anna Mierzejewska, Artur Szymczak
        Lead Shading & Lighting: Pawel Szklarski
        Shading Artists: Pawel Szklarski, Artur Szymczak
        Rendering Artists: Pawel Szklarski, Artur Szymczak
        Texture Artists: Pawel Szklarski, Anna Mierzejewska, Lukasz Wiktorzak, Artur Szymczak

Animation Supervisor: Patryk Habryn
Character TD: Wojciech Kucia
3D Animators: Patryk Habryn, Pedro Daniel Garcia
Matte Painters: Patryk Habryn, Karol Kolodzinski
Storyboard Artist: Krzysztof Roslan
Compositing: Karol Kolodzinski
Producer: Joanna Bak
IT Support: Krzysztof Zarzycki
Sound & SFX: Rytmika Studio

       Final Animation:
       Making of:


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