CASE, Piero Siloe da Silva (3D)


Title: CASE
Name: Piero Siloe da Silva
Country: Brazil
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, VRay, XSI, ZBrush

Agencia: Dominio Publico
Modelagem: Piero Silva (Estudio ReJ)
Shader, Iluminacao e Render: Wemerson Passos (Estudio ReJ)
Composicao: Daniel Oldenburg, Jean Campos e Rafael Pagini (Estudio ReJ)


Wow, gorgeous work! Very detailed. I’m interested in the concept, was this a commercial work?


It´s about Brazil and the next few years, all the complex constructions we gonna have here. Case it´s a brand of Trucks, so they ask a piece of work that show a lot of special locations from south to north of brazil.

You can check in their website how they use the image:


Love this work!
Nice details.


An instant favorite! :slight_smile:


Incredible colors !! :applause: Bravo
I like the Zbrush work in that scene too good luck mate keep posting:D


Really love it!! I love renders with a lot of illustration, can you brasilians share some secrets about how you achieve those appealing images, beacause brasilian stills have such a particular look, what are your influences?


Wow ! Nice colors & details :thumbsup:


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