Cartoony game animations


I`ll be the first to say that this demo is by no means on a par with any of the great shorts that I often see posted up here… but its about time I put something online… so what the hell.

Most of the work is stuff I’ve done for games, but theres a bit of personal work on there too ( all the lipsync stuff ). It was all done in Maya, and all the rigging and animation setup was my responsibility too. All the game content is current-gen.

I know this is the token disclaimer with most work posted here… but some of this stuff is quite old ( I’m not at liberty to post any Ubisoft stuff at this point ) and trust me I can see all the pops and errors along the way. I suppose my reasoning for showing this online is to get a bit of constructive critisism…

primary mirror: ( right click - save as )

( thanks to my friend Ric Lico over at Monolith Productions, check his awesome site too )

you can also try here:

(sorry to everyone who had trouble with the the previous upload )

well… looking forward to any crit or questions you might have !



Dude I’m not sure why you’re excusing your work because that was a fantastic reel!

Even excluding your recent animations, you’ve got an amazing portfolio.

Keep up the phenominal work…5 stars from me, since this reel is destined for the frontpage!

…that being said…the lipsync on the blue head is a bit off in most of the shots he’s in. I can’t pinpoint whether he’s just coming in late on the phenomes or whether he’s just not pronouncing the words correctly but it looks awkward. Also, I’d start the reel with the bird lipsync (the one you’ve posted a screenshot of here), since in my opinion that’s your strongest piece.


ahhh… ain’t nothin’ like a fresh dose of animation to refresh an uninspired soul! :thumbsup:

agreed with the lip sync… feels too snappy… but still very well executed!

5 stars my goonie friend! :smiley:



wow, this was very inspiring,
i loved the walkcycles on duffy and the lip sync (apart from the fact that it´s a bit off)…
i think it´s very significant reel that shows that you know what you´re doing…
keep up this exellent work and thx for sharing


You’ve got some lovely toony animation in there, great work :slight_smile:


Thanks guys. comments noted on the lipsync - these were my first attempts at this, and man is there a lot to learn! I remember concentrating on trying to get good solid mouth shapes that look like the sound… I tried 2 different techniques when doing this:

The little boy with the long hair has lots of shapes that hold for 2 or 3 frames ( a kind of wallace and gromit way of doing it ) and I think this works well to emphasize certain sounds - but on the whole it looks a bit stuttery … the blue guy is a kind of smoothed version of this, whereas the chicken is my latest attempt and I went for much smoother and less linear movements which seems to work best overall ( but he still holds shapes for a few frames, but all the holds move )

anyway thanks for clearing this up guys - i will spend extra effort next time getting the speech timing perfect.


Amazing reel!

very inspiring! :smiley: i hope you keep posting your work here, it’s hilarious!!

Congrats men :thumbsup:
five stars for me


Been trying to watch it all day, when I download the file it tells me its not a movie file? and when I open it in explorer it breaks… :frowning:

Any mirrors?



Excellent stuff, no complaints from me. congrats to you and your fellow artists :arteest:


thanks everyone…

I’m not sure what the problem is Ranimate - Im pretty certain it might need quicktime 7 to play ?


really great work. I love it, it just have something… especialy bird, all those nice details…
great stuff!


Yup the bird was great and the duffy animation was superb, actually all the animation was great it’s just duffy is funny :D. Great reel, nothing to add except what was already told about the timing for lipsync.


lol everyones starting calling him Duffy … its Daffy Duck ! come on people !! :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah Daffy was fun … it was important that all his movements were very broad and readable - and funny too - we had a target audience of 7-12 for that title.



 I'm getting the same error as Ranimate. The file stops downloading at 10mb, sometimes more. 
When i try opening it, i get the same error that its not a movie file etc. The pics look great, but i'd like to see them in action :D Maybe it could get mirrored?

Edit: Originally tried to download in Firefox 1.5, tried again in IE, received a “server timed out” error @ 18.5 MB. :shrug:


Actually I’m getting the same error as Ranimate and Ferocitas. My file stopped at 35 mb and seems to think that the file is done downloading. I’m using firefox 1.5.


lol im not sure guys… its probably the host its online with - i just set it all up very quickly as i needed it for a recent job hunt… sorry if its being crap.

if anyone wants to mirror that would be fantatstic…


Used getright to download this reel.

I just want to add that it’s AWESOME!

Fantastic job guys!



Download problems

Navi, Ranimate Ferocitas: Try Internet Explorer version 6.0.2900 or around that. Open this thread in IE. Choose Save As. Begin downloading. When it is interrupted watch it, XP should give notice by blinking IE on the taskbar. Close the error-reporting window so that the open IE window with this thread remains. Choose again Save As. IE has a few seconds time-out for interrupted downloads so you can continue from the point on it was interrupted. If you choose to Save As quickly you can continue… then with several interrupts again, to the end. Then IE finally saves it as complete and you can watch this awesome trailer. It’s worth the effort!


guys i have no idea why the download is crappy. i suggest you follow sogun#s advice if youre interested.

thanks for all the nice comments everyone!

anything i could change or make better ?


Finally got it downloaded, seems getright does the trick, thanks liquidik.

   Two words: great animation. 
   I think i've seen this reel of yours (or a prior version) a while back, some guest speaker from a 3d animation company displayed it here in Australia to a seminar (i think all that was shown were the daffy duck sequences) - its been stuck in my head since then!
   No crits from me, solid reel. :thumbsup: