Hi im modeling a cartoon character that will look like Archies, Ben 10, style. I dont know where to star with head head and i do have refereces but there all not from the same model so i cant have a clear idea of what the character will look like… any advice, on modeling or even finding more references ?


Hi. If you don’t have perfect orthographic reference images from a model sheet, perhaps you could try making a segmented character using simple primitive shapes first. That allow you to define the forms and silhouette up front and give you a base mesh which you could retopologize or revise as needed.


Here’s the professional working pipeline that i want to share with you.:slight_smile:

The best way to start a character modeling is :

( a ) Reference — Try to do some research and collect more reference that you need for your character. ( Cartoon character look like Archies, Ben 10, style. )

( b ) Concept Art — Brainstorming your idea with references and make a very simple concept art in photoshop. You can label and make setting on character name, types, breed, origin, height, weight and more.

( c ) Orthographic — After you have your final concept, you can draw orthographic images of your character including front, side, back, up and down view. Once you done with these images, you are ready for the modeling section.

( d ) Modeling — Try to import your images into Maya and block out some basic shape for your whole character. Don’t go very details at the beginning , it was hard to go back once you get too much faces/line on your model.

( e ) Detail Modeling — Once you have base mesh, you can choose which part you want to go for detailing. No, Worries !!! :smiley: You still can brainstorm your idea when you are in modeling process.

Concept Art is the most important point in the working pipeline. You have to start your concept art before getting into others stages. It always be the first stuff that you need to do.:rolleyes:

I hope my post can help you in your cartoons modeling project.:stuck_out_tongue:
Wish you can create a wonderful character for yourself !!!:beer:
All the best !!!:applause:


First: thanks a lot " ngeowyunsin " your advice is very good and it helped me a lot
Next: i want to ask a question in the modeling process , which modeling technique should i follow in modeling a cartoony character as the “incredibles”
i followed a lot of ways but not any one helped
i wish you help me with any thing
thank you very much


Have a browse through Glen Southern’s blog. It’s an absolute treasure trove of modeling-related goodness. Link

Don’t worry if it’s not software specific as modeling tools/techniques are common to every major app.


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