Hi guys!

  well it's have been a while since i started new thread in here:argh:
 This robo will be in my next short animation project that my friend and i started together! 
 i wont give up the story right now but i would like to show some WIP pictures from our main character (cartoon robo)



Looks good to me.


Thanks man!


cool robot! only that seam at the back of robot body is bit distracting, would be nice to keep it clean like the front side… everything else looks good:thumbsup: waiting for updates…


I think those are two separate pieces at the back.He hasnt merged them yet.May be i am wrong :slight_smile:

yeah you right about that [b][i]gauravindian[/i][/b]..heh i will merge those pieces after i complete modelling part.

thanks guys for comments

i hope my next update will be in this weekend


here is the viewport view and wire frame for those who are interested


I really like what you have going here. The only thing i would say is when you were showing some facial expressions. Get the eyebrows moving too. The would add a lot more feeling and emotion to the model. Other then that it is very clean looking. GJ


thanks man! and yeah you right about eyebrows i was just little bit lazy here…:wip:

next time i post facial expressions i will fix that problem and will make good eyebrows to him:arteest:


Hi guys!

i have been working on his legs this weekend and this is what i have so far!


yeah it’s really welldone ! i like it !

just two small details i dont like are the hole at the back of the head (i guess there is some reason for it at the storyboard) and the back head looks too much squared to me.

But really good i hope you gona post your short. I would really like to watch your work finished!


Great work. Can’t wait final renders :slight_smile:
Only thing that needs improvement are legs (bottom part). IMO more detail would improve whole robot.


LiquidD: Im glad that you like it:) i just add that hole as a detail to his back and i would like to think that in that hole hi have his proceccor 1000 cores…:wink:
and im definetly will post my short in here soon as it’s redy.

owiec: Thanks man!
Don’t worry! i will add more detail to him later on:)


Hi guys!

well it’s time to update this thread:D

so i have been working more on his legs and this is what i have so far


I like the design of your robot. It’s a good work. :slight_smile:


Well thanks, im glad you like it!



well i wasent very happy with his boring mouth, so i was trying to make it look more interesting… i hope it looks better now!


Are you going to make the mouth so it can animate, pronounce syllables and such? Not just on a hinge? But other than that, yeah, I think the new mouth looks better than the straight old mouth.

Looking good, keep it coming!


Hey man i love the way you mix a clean design with complicity if its a word… ok its not but it sound good XD. But if you are going for the clean look match it all the way. 'cause the upper body and the legs look like seperate parts. As in the legs have Way more detail than the upper body. I dunno. maybe its just me but the artist has 100% creative licence over his work ;P.
I can see this short turning into the next Robots. Or a robotic Pinochioo… I never learned how to spell that name.
Just a thought. Keep up the good work!!!


Hi guys!

trancor: Thanks man! his mouth will be moving but he will not be able to pronounce syllables.
At first i was trying to make his mouth able to speak and move like in transformers but it turn out to be very comlpex idea and i decide that he will transfer his emotions with his eyes and eyebrows instead.

vizard2605: Thanks! I know what you talking to and i will try to find a balance with that, i will add some more details on his upperbody!
i think biggest thing why he reminds to people about the robots is his head and i maybe will have to do something about that