cartoon rig



I’ve done it long time ago for my client and I would like to share my work with you guys. Model and textures are simple and I don’t want spend words on this part. Most challenge for me was rig system. Body rig is based on Advanced Skeleton and facial setup is custom work following Jason Osipa method for facial rig. Any idea and suggestion what I can implement on this and other similar rigs?



Looks like a pretty good rig, what i did notice thou is in the beginning the leg is going thru the sweater, maybee add extra joints there that is controlled by set driven keys or a ctrl object to get that sweater to act better on those areas?

I just created a rig with with some extra joints for the chest recently, made a simple expression on them wich i hooked up to a so i could get him breathing without having to animate anything, i added some multipliers for how far the joints could go and at wich speed to be able to tweak it.

The face rig seems solid! Good job!


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