Cartoon Pig Animatable Chracter


I am making a stylized pig character(biped) for my showreel. So far I have finished the base mesh minus the hair but I am not sure if the topology is animate-able for sure, especially the hand and the face. So any inputs directing me towards the same would be greatly appreciated. I plan to sculpt the model for the creases and folds on the trousers and the shirt and use it as a normal map. I will post more updates as I go. Thanks a lot in advance.
The character is designed by theinkbot from deviant art (at least that’s where I got it from).

Also I was wondering if I should do the hair with Maya hair or Xgen instead of just polygons. I am kind of leaning on doing it just with polygons for a more cartoony feel but let me know what you think would better suit the model


So today I sculpted the model a bit and was testing shaders and here is what the result looks like.