Cartoon iris textures in blender


I’ve been looking for a way to create cartoon iris textures in blender, these are my results so far. The whole process takes about five minutes to set up, from then on you can create numerous combinations of colours in seconds. I’ll put together a little tutorial if anyone is interested.


It looks very nice indeed. Did you use only build-in procedural textures or also some UV maps or pictures?


Those came out really good . . . I would check out any tutorial about how you got those results. Thanks!


those are real nice…
a tutorial will be greatly appreciated :wink:



Ok folks here’s the download link for the tutorial, it’s in flash format. I’ve never done a video tutorial before so please tell me what you think, or how i could improve things as i plan on making a lot more.

Blender cartoon iris texture tutorial.


Thanks man…no complaints here…was very clear and easily understandable…


That was a fantastic tutorial. Beats the heck out what you would need to do to paint an iris in photshop or gimp.

Also, thank you very much for making your tutorial downloadable.



Cheers folks! Glad you liked it.


thx man, these eyes look great, I just dont understand why you call them toon eyes this can be used for all kind of eyes imho.


I’ve been really unhappy with the eyes in The Beast but not had the time to really tackle making good a better way. You’ll probably see your eyes in the short. Thanks!


LOL, that’s an awesome technique! Thanks for sharing.

Here's what I came up with in just a few minutes! It needs more work but I'm very pleased with the quick results. Thanks!


Here’s another test. It’s definitely very cool to be able to do this within Blender. :thumbsup:


Glad your finding it useful folks, nice results Kernod, more realistic than the images i posted which shows how versatile the tecnique can be. I aslo have another method using static particles that produces completely different results, i’ll post a tut soon.


Hey, it looks like the particles will provide even more natural looking results. You’ll still have to use the compositor to really finish it off though. Looks great!


Hi folks, here’s the tut i promissed.
It’s a very versitile tecnique so the video explains the basics of setting up the scene to keep the file size down. Please feel free to post your renders or settings that you find with the community so we can all learn from it. Hope you find it useful.

Iris texture with particles.


thanks a lot man!
you’re my hero!


Your tutorials are done very well, clear, precise and understandable.

Thank you very much for your efforts.



Could somebody re-post the tutorials? Both links are broken for me.


Hey, I know this thread is quite old, but I’d really like to get the links fixed :slight_smile:
Or maybe upload it t Vimeo or youtube please ?
I remember having the tutorial, but seems I deleted it.


I’ve got a copy of the tutorial. I’ll try to embed it into the BlenderNewbies forums (in the Multimedia Lounge section).