Cartoon House!


Hello Everyone,
This is one of my most recent personal works, i was inspired by a “Enchanted, magical, cartoonish” houses so this is what i made, hope you like it.

Cinema 4D
Adobe Photoshop


It’s looking good Jose!

One comment I have is that the repeated texture on the roof is distracting and is not to the level of beauty that the rest of the scene is.


Thanks a lot for your advice interactiveBoy!, i agree with you, hehe something that i dont enjoy so much is the texturing process, but i need to put more effort on it next time, thanks so much!


Hi Jose,

Nice work and detail. Besides the aforementioned roof texture you may also want to try keeping the cartooniness a bit more consistent. Right now the chimney is very bendy and twisted while the house itself has rather straight outlines. You can try using deformers the make everything a bit more crooked and tapered. Other cartoons, claymation or classics like “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari” (an inspiration to many, e.g. Tim Burton) are good references. Try to illustrate what you want the house the “feel” like instead of creating that objective shape of a house.

Looking forward to seeing an update :slight_smile:


Love it! Fans my fires to build my real-world home. Such a structure of my making would likely feature a crooked chimney and funky features!

I agree w/the suggestions made here.