Cartoon chicken character


First post so I hope this works ok…

I’m working on a character for my new animation demo. I just wanted to post him up here to get an idea of what people thought so far.

He does have a body but its not rigged, so I’ve just rendered out some expression examples from his facial articulation. Im definetly going for the cartoon look, so I’m less concerned about textures and materials, and more about the character’s form and appeal.

I’m using Maya polys, with blendShape wire and lattice deformation.

Crits welcome …


looks nice, really charismatic. I really don’t have anything to say now, looking forward for the complete rigging. :slight_smile:


thanks Bruno, Im gonna update this thread as I develop the character… I`ll post in animation soon too.


That is fantastic, I think hes expressions are superb and really give him personallity. I cant wait to see the whole body done. Excellent look to the character aswell.


Hahaha …LOVE the avatar…

The chicken charcter oozes emotion…excellent


awesome faceshapes, great job expressing the emotion


wow ,it fantastic!!

asymmetric exp make it very unique and give him personality.

looking forward for see complete performance:thumbsup:


SWEEEEET!! There isn’t anything about this character that I don’t like.

Can’t wait to see more!


The facial morphs are realy nicely done. Excellent expressions.



excellent Quality.

I love the beak deformations as well! Anything special abouthow you went about it?


hey guys, thanks for commenting. I feel a lot more confident about the character now…

yeah the beak was a problem. The main issue with a beak is that is is basically a triangle rather than an oval - so it has to be approached in a different way. The teeth are also encased inside the beak, so all beak deformation has to take into accout the teeth and tongue.
The main way the beak is deformed is with wires – i first tried the standard blendshape approach, but i found that i was getting a lot of bad mixes - the only shape that is a blendshape is the ‘ooo’ or ‘narrow’ target. I found that using wires gave me a lot more control over his beak deformation, and gave me much cleaner mixes with other expressions. Im so pleased with how the wires work that i will probably use the same method on a standard oval mouthshape in the future. It was important to configure what verts were influenced by different wires - and i used a few corrective blendshapes for certain wire shapes. The deformation order was very important to to get the result i wanted > wires, blendshapes, skin.


Thanks for the info I figured that the beak had to have been tricky.


Wow…that’s Really, Really well done…I cant wait to see him with a body/animated. :thumbsup:


Just… LOVE IT! Kickass stuff. Mmmm. Can’t wait to see it in action :slight_smile:



Excellent character! The expressions are awsome!


wow thanks guys !


Nice job, you pweep !
Really expressive MT !


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