[cartoon animation]Dotchi&Gootchi


Hi everybody, this is the third shortfilm of the planktoon.
After magikcircus and do penguins fly, we are proud to present you Gotchi&Dotchi, this is the first episode of a new cartoon animation.
Gotchi & Dootchi are regular weird guys living their regular weird lives.
At the end of each episode the little one always loose his left eye, this is the final gag.
Directed by Fabrice Senia. Enjoy. Thank you.




WOW!! Beautifully animated! Loved it and it was hilarious :smiley:


very funny…:thumbsup: keep up the good work…


thank you :wink:


Wow… that was amazing! I love the style and atmosphere of the piece… hope to see a lot more of these guys in the future!

Hope this makes it up the frontpage, because you guys deserve it… 5*


This is very cool!! The acting are good and it matched the characters as well! No doubt. 5 stars from me.:thumbsup:


thank you guys from all planktoon team! :slight_smile:


5 stars from me too…


hahahaha, that was amazing! I love the style



ahahaha that was friken awesome!!! 5 :thumbsup:


Came back several times to rewatch it.
Really like the char designs and setting. Storywise its a bit
confusing but very VERY fun nonetheless.

Any chance you guys could share some info about the characters?
For example Alternate Designs, rigging, anything basicly :]

They`re fun little guys thats for sure!


of course!


hey hey!!







This is great work!


I am really impressed, great job! I loved it, and thought the animation told the story very well! The character design is perfect! Very good, can’t wait to see more!


Hahaha! The purple one is so cute!

I’d scream if my eye fell out too. Really great job!



Great stuff! Nice animation, well lit scene plus short and sweet. Well done!


Wonderfull work. Can’t wait to see more episodes :slight_smile: