Carrots are finished.., Riccardo Zema (3D)


Title: Carrots are finished…
Name: Riccardo Zema
Country: Italy
Software: Lightwave 3D, Photoshop

He just realized that he eat the last carrrot in the world…

Done in Lightwave,render with Fprime,Photoshop post


Really lovely character, would be nice to see him in an actual cartoon environment.


Very cute and done greaaatly, luvin’it BOI!!!



Poor little guy :smiley:


that is just great! i love the face expression! Great eyes as well! You used Fiber FX for fur? Would love to see your settings.


This is great- I love his forlorn expression :slight_smile:


I feel guilty :cry:



yes, nice one


So adorable! :slight_smile:
He has such a great facial expression and I like how you gave him a distinct look. He looks like he’s from another planet.


it’s an fprime render, so it’s probably painted over.
edit_forgot to say, really fun character.


First of all thanks for all your comments,really appreciated!
@Milivoj-Lemonade3D: Thank you!I’ve render the model with a simply mapped fur then in photoshop i painted the fibers,for still images i found more easy and fast paint that in photoshop!



very nice character


good design and expression. :slight_smile:


:smiley: Absolutely superb :slight_smile: I love that image. You’ve achieved something that is really rare in cg characters - great look and depth of the eyes! Simply stunning!


Such an appealing character… very cute


Love the concept and the Bunny looks so fluffy!!! :stuck_out_tongue:
Your composition is really good, there is something new and fresh about this image… Great job on the render too! :thumbsup:


Can’t stop looking at his/her eyes…great image!


I look at him and his looking at me. Its infinity story :slight_smile:


Cute charachter, great realization style and expression!
The final composition is just perfect.

Bravo, congratulazioni :wink:



Wow,thanks you all, :slight_smile:
i’m really glad you like the image!