Carrot Run!, Carlson Woon (3D)


Title: Carrot Run!
Name: Carlson Woon
Country: Malaysia
Software: After Effects, Maya, Photoshop, ZBrush

Have been a while, here is my latest portfolio Carrot Run! Concept from my favorite concept artist again, Bobby Chiu. The cuteness of carrot and dragon just catch my eye and make me wanna do it in 3D. Just little modified on the characters and lighting. Basically all done in Maya. Boar dragon in Zbrush. And final compose in After Effect. Your feedback is appreciate. Hope you will like it.

here is highres file:


Lol, gonna need a bigger string! Love it. I take it the little guys are the carnivorous in this scenario?


:smiley: Great image man. I think that you should put stronger DOF and some motion blur it would affect the focus very much, I think it would be much better.


The only thing, I would say is besides giving credit is to link his shot.

Render is great overall. their are minor things I still like on the original like more shadowing on leaves and the painterly style of the leaves. The lighting is really well done and polished. Love the attention to detail. I think this was a really great work and well put together I can see a lot of respect here for the original design that you kept true. things I miss are like the spit savoring dragon in the mouth that was on the original.

Awesome job though the carrot guy is sweet as hell would love to have a character like that for my reel haha :slight_smile:


really good clean work :thumbsup:


Its one of the best storytelling picture I ever seen.
I would like to see the animation with these characters.


Thank you for all the comments guys, cheers!


GREAT WORK!:thumbsup: very nice characters, good idea:)


All the same, Nice job but you really need to had DOF and Motion Blur!
Bobby chiu rocks!


nice job! Iove those little guys! creative!


OMG, this is what i called~details!!
Everything is great and fine.Awesome…5 stars from me… :thumbsup:


Great piece! very close to the original concept



Guys, so happy to see your comments! thank you for your support!

Hoe yi, haha, glad you are here, thank you for your vote man! love you, haha!


That’s really cute. Nicely done!


He, he, very funny! Great characters! :applause:


WOW! This is amazing! Congrats! :slight_smile:


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