Carrot Run, Bobby Chiu (2D)


So funny and well executed.


Way to go bobby. I hope you come to vancouver soon and do a subway sketch outing!


Awesome. enjoy to see ur work friend.


Beatifully rendered piece. Kept my eye on its development, still can’t believe the dragon’s not a 3d render. Too spicy to be sweet. The theme’s great too. All I can say is kudos for all your upcoming work, and keep postin’ em.


^^ Good job!! Great!!


hi! im new in cgtalk, Bobby that concept piece is great! i like it a lot!
keep working dude!

you give me ideas to work to… congrats


very cool!:thumbsup:


it’s good work !!i like it~!


Amazing work as always master obi-bobby-kanobi. Don’t need to say how much of an insperado you are to a lot of artists.


Love it, as all your works:thumbsup:


wow ,haha…It’s very lovely ,I like this colour, good jobs!


The color is so beautiful
I like the stroy~Those little guys so funny
and the gif is good


Hi, Bobby amazing job as always.

Very funny. Congrats again Bobby.


What a great and funny image :slight_smile: Excellent work! :thumbsup:


It is as always incredibly funny and entertaining!! You are a master in the genre!! Look like nothing Else! Can we find your creatures somewhere? I’d love to meet some ! (just kidding :wink: )
Your rendering is wouou ! not even mentioning your great ability to reveal expressions on your creature. It is just a pleasure to see your work !


Cute! I love the white minimonsters, are so cuddly ^^ o Very dinamic work with lot of details, so funny. Congrats!


Very nice picture, I love the cartoonic feel and the design of the characters.


I hail your imagination my friend, beatifull!


Wow…how your images are wonderful…great! I learn so much with your gallery:D
Thanks for all image!


Great picture Bobby ! realy love the furry things ! :bounce: