Carrot Run, Bobby Chiu (2D)


Looks sweeeet! you’re a mad genius!


Amazing piece Bobby. The humour is beautiful.:smiley:

Thanks for the breakdown too. It’s great to see how you dream up your artworks, then put them through their paces.


Bobby, you are truly a genius! This is one of the best paintings I’ve ever seen . . . truly amazing!


Your work always amazes me! Great one, 5*!


I love this one my friend! You are very creative! Wonderful execution as well.


AWESOME !! … as usual :slight_smile: I really like the humour in each of your piece of art ! Of course the line art and the painting are great too ! Thanks for posting your very interesting wip !

10 stars … uh ? … not possible ? … 5 so :slight_smile:


hey man, cool you finally found the time to post this
definately one of the coolest entrys for this contest, even the last pixel shows the attention you paid to everything in the scene


As always, Bobby, an amazing job! Congrats! I love the ligthing in this piece. I never get tired of the fun, engaging and entertaining back stories you come up with for your illustrations. Keep it up!


Yop, just the same as I said in the challenge,this rocks!Still one of my fav’s!!!Was nice to meet you and hope well meet up again next time!Cheers buddy!


E’ffing great expressions. I couldn’t help but smile, thank you!



So Cute!!!


congrates to u bobby :)i knew this would win something.excellence award well deserved mate:thumbsup:


hahaha! i realy like the fur balls :thumbsup:


haha~very lovely work,thank you so much.


Hi Bobby! Congratulations for well deserved awards! Best wishes! Cheers!


nice and funny job, congratulations


Congratulations!!! Cute artwork :wink:



man i love this piece.
it makes me laugh and feel good inside. =)


Haha. Great job! Wonderful idea, great colors and movement. I love your works. They always put a smile on my face.


your work is ever awesome: I love your style and your creatures!