Carrot Run, Bobby Chiu (2D)


Title: Carrot Run
Name: Bobby Chiu
Country: Canada
Software: Photoshop

“Every year, a young member of the Fuz’hy Lindt Tribe who has come of age must prove his worth by donning the blessed regalia of the sacred carrot and leading the Tribe on the Great Hunt. Only the fastest and bravest of warriors will ensure a successful Carrot Run, providing food for the Tribe through the winter.”

This is a piece I did for the “Strange Behavior” challenge. It was hard to find the time between work but I had a wonderful experience.
Reminded me of the good ol’ college days, waking up early and staying up late to finish our projects.
It has been a pleasure contributing art along side my friends and so many other talented artists.

Great topic as well! Thx CgSociety!

I’m also planning on submitting this to Expose 6!

Here’s a fun animated gif I put together to show a bit of work in progress.


Haha,your works always give us laugh and happy,another great one.:smiley:


one of my favourite entry of the challenge,another winning piece of work i’d say:)wish u lots of luck bobby:thumbsup:


Very lovely work … the concept is beautifull … :slight_smile:


Awesome! Those little guys are so cute!


it turned out really awesome! Cute and mean little buggers:scream::thumbsup:


This made me laugh out loud this morning so it’s on my desktop

Beautiful work and they are so amazingly cute. :smiley:


wow…I loved loved this piece…the background, lights, texture fo skin, the story…wow…wonderful! perfect! Everything you do is great and makes me say wow!


very cute artwork … and a lot of things to see inside. :smiley:


I already told you that that work , like others , is wonderful so it’s just time for stars I guess 5* and an award .

Also I want to thank you for your last issue Dragon Sketches so congratulations for that too , the same for Kei Acedera.
I was really pleased to discover the version of David Colman , Robin Mitchell Patrick Morgan and John Nevarez.

Thanks for the Christmas Gift .

Best Regards .


scala - Thanks for the nice words about the Dragon Sketches book! I wanted to finish this piece for the book but didn’t finish it in time.


That’s hilarious all over! 4 stars.


Dragon painting - animated gif
Thanks to everyone for their comments!


This is by far one of my favorites pieces that you have done to date.
It’s hilarious!! You’ve given all of the characters great personalities which makes the whole back story so easy to imagine.
The colours and rendering within the great composition are first class.
Your story ideas as well as your artistic technique are always worth waiting for.

Well Done.



Really interesting wip that we could follow on strange Behavior.
I have to say that I have some tenderness for the brown step .
But if you see my last work New Man of Vitruve you gonna know why.

Anyway step after step always strong work.


this is one of my favorite pieces from the competition.

Wonderful idea and execution


this is perfect!! 5*


hehe those guys need to be made as Plushys. 5* from me.


this is great!, love it. This is something I’d like to see made into a short or some kind of animated film. Maybe 3d.


Awesome! The idea is wonderful.

:slight_smile: Thanks for the sharing the WIP shots as well.