Carolina Oliveira_Beyond the wall


Hello everyone,
I was hesitating about entering this contest because there’s only one week until the deadline but since I like
Got a lot I am going to give it a shot and hope to finish on time.
Here are three rough sketches.

  1. Daenny is ordering her dragons to kill the white walkers. I don’t know if graphic violence such as burning people is
    allowed in the final submission.
  2. The ice and fire confrontation. Drogon fighting his once brother Viserion along with Daenny fighting the night king, seeking revenge.
  3. A close up from the sketch 2 but with a blizzard.
    Let me know which one is your favorite. Also feedback is much appreciated it.


Cool conceptions! Second variant has a most epic scale.


Here are some wips.
Changed Viserion’s pose to feel more threatening.
I am struggling a lot with Drogon’s face oh my god…


Here is one more wip.

This is my entry, the final confrontation between ice and fire beyond the wall.
Painting Viserion ice dragon was so much fun. That’s how I would picture it with frosting spikes growing
all over its body and zombie-like as well as the other ice animals we’ve seen in the series.
Good luck to everyone!


Love your work, Carolina. Those initial sketches are really superb. Final piece turned out great as well! :wink:


+1. Awesome Art! !!! !!!