Carnival Daycare, Philip Herman (3D)


Title: Carnival Daycare
Name: Philip Herman
Country: Indonesia
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, ZBrush


This is my new artwork, inspired from my friend(Tan Guang Yu) painting =

Modeled in 3ds max and Zbrush
Characters render in Mental ray
Environment render in V-ray
Texture, composite and post pro done in Photoshop
I modeled everything except for the trees.

Thanks to everyone that helped me and give a lot of great feedback when im doing this.

Close up shot :




Comments and critics are always welcome… Hope you like it :slight_smile:


wow thats a very good work :applause:


really good

i think u got references from meat loaf for the thin guy? Looks alot like him.


@Turri : Hey thanks a lot :slight_smile: im glad u like it

@Collember : Hi Collember, actually i dont really use a reference for the tall guy and the kid, i finish modeled the tall guy before i watched that movie, and for the fat guy my reference is Clown, from Spawn (McFarlane) … Thanks for the comments :slight_smile:


awesome man, i dont want to be that kid lol
skinny jester is my fav, love his expression :smiley:


Awosome Job! Philip,each character 5 stars,totally 15 stars!!!:wavey:
Don’t forget treat us after the CW come to your pocket:scream:


Looks really cool dude. Nice render and atmosphere.
One think I still find strange… a carnival should have big crowd :stuck_out_tongue:
But still its a nice piece of work. Keep it up bro!


Fantastic piece~love the enviroment and the charactor you made:)5 stars


Nicely done dude ~ loves all the detail there, awesome~!! :smiley:


excellent work!

everthing is nice, Clown is my favorite,

definitely front page!
5 stars form me

good work! bro


@m4rxti4n : Thanks a lot dude… would love to see ur character soon…

@Xiaoyu-1 : thanks man hehe…

@stylize : Thanks for the feedback man… appreciate it :slight_smile:

@bluemaya : glad u like it… thanks :slight_smile:

@wenart : thanks wenart :slight_smile:

@sean-qiu : hey man, thanks a lot for the kind words :slight_smile:


Very beautiful :thumbsup:


Excellent work, nice modeling and textures aswell; :slight_smile:


Looks very nice and unique!! love the character, imo I think the scene need more contrast tho.


very nice man, liking the expressions and the detail in the characters. Any hope for the kid?


Nice work Philip

  • Ty


oh my god amazing work 5***** from & i vote 4 u :wavey:

good luck 4 ever :thumbsup:


This work is perfect! I really love the characters, the background, the lightning and the textures! Great! :thumbsup:


good job, Phillip! wish i can have this kind of cg render work too! congratulations!


Great Job buddy!

So much cool and awesomeness here! I’ll rate it for sure

Great work! share the wire please if you don’t mine :smiley: I like how it looks when wire shows up.

Keep goin’ Phil!