Carmelo Leggiero - Circus Auditions - Juggler Clown


hi all,
sorry for my english… i don’t have scanner now,
i post my sketch tomorrow… good luck :smiley:


Hey, you asked about free rigs. Here’s a link to the sticky with free rigs.

You didn’t say which program you used so I can’t make any recommendations :slight_smile:


tnx SirRon,
for now i use lowman.


here my thumbnail, i’m very sorry for the quality, but i have done this image by my mobile phone :smiley:

  1. Start
  2. bend the body down
  3. throw the ball in the air
  4. juggled
    5&6. pick the ball in his hand
  5. throw again the ball in the air
  6. eat the ball
  7. make a big ball from his … :smiley:
    10&11. jump on the big ball
  8. crash on the CAM! SBANG!
  9. finish!

i hope you like it :smiley:

good challenge at all!


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