hey this is shaping up to look really reallly good. Been following this thread for awhile ever since the first post and its been great watching it take shape! Keep up the good work!


thanks Artorias3D I’m glad you liked!


Here’s my last frame before start the facial rigging and the teaser of my short film.

You can watch the turntable here:

Hope you like guys!


Hi guys!

This is my first day of Carlos’s facial rigging.

watch here


little up on eyelids.

watch here



watch here


Lovely Work mate ,I like the character alot , my only crit is that the skin looks alittle pale maybe a more saturated tone will look better


thanks mate! You’re right, I’ll remember that on next renders :wink:


Eyelids and eyebrows deformation.

It’s almost ready to extract the blend shapes and attach to my Facial GUI.
watch here:


Stunning work so far. I really like the idea of working with a proxy and then modeling highpoly after. Keep up the good work, I’ll definitely be following your progress!


thanks pollos. Glad you liked!


Hi guys, a quick update.
This time I’d like to show you the final version of the rigging and the wip of Facial Rigging. It’s a pretty simple rig:

  • Stretch/Squash spine.
  • Arms and Legs w/ IK.
  • Basic muscles deformation
  • Shoulders/Elbows bone correction

hi-res image here:


hi guys,
this is the final proxy animation and final mesh deformation



Great job! i like the eyelids, they move very natural. So if i see it correctly you model the face with his eyes closed and then attach joints or clusters to the eyelids?



yes jonathankrijgsman, the eyelids are skinned to the joints :wink:


So, I work on Locco Martinez only 30min/day and this is my 30min jaw skinning progress.
It’s very flexible, I must say…



Awesome work! I like the proxy modeling method that you use, I might have to adopt that. I’m really impressed with this character as a whole. Its cool to see a character going through all the different steps to get ready for animating. You are an amazing artist. God Bless.


Hi guys!

This is my 30min. Eyeslids/Jaw skin.
Only bones and skin weights, no blend shapes.
watch here:



Almost there!
Final stage: Face Skinning!



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