Hi guys,

I’m creating a new character for a personal animated project. This is Carlos.
I create this thread as a development progress.

I created a proxy model (I basically do it for all my characters) just for check the proportions and see if everything is in order.

After that, I start to modeling for real and I like to do it using poly-by-poly technique. Normally I use this technique to have more control of my edge flow and sometimes I create a few splines as a topology guide.

Carlos WIP #2


Carlos WIP #3


Hope you guys like it!



I already finish the base head modeling, now it’s time to modeling the body and later add lots of details.

Carlos, WIP #3




one more update, modeling the body.

Carlos, WIP #4




But i just want to ask what sort of personality does this character have, and could you tell us more about this animation project! Would be great to hear the details of his personality so we could give you more thoughts about the character design


@Artorias3D This is the main character of my animated series based on a short-film that I wrote a couple months ago.

Here’s my Satuday progress…



Sunday progress…



Hi guys,

new progress:



Still have a lot to do… 60% done.



Hi guys,

Here’s my (almost) done character for my short-film…
Carlos “Locco” Martinez, UFC Fighter

Here you can see the high resolution image:


Hi guys,

here’s my last update of Carlos.



rigging proxy



one more progress…

rigging - proxy - final mesh
still missing the muscles system, volume preservation, facial setup and character manager


hey this is shaping up to look really reallly good. Been following this thread for awhile ever since the first post and its been great watching it take shape! Keep up the good work!


thanks Artorias3D I’m glad you liked!


Here’s my last frame before start the facial rigging and the teaser of my short film.

You can watch the turntable here:

Hope you like guys!


Hi guys!

This is my first day of Carlos’s facial rigging.

watch here


little up on eyelids.

watch here



watch here


Lovely Work mate ,I like the character alot , my only crit is that the skin looks alittle pale maybe a more saturated tone will look better


thanks mate! You’re right, I’ll remember that on next renders :wink: