, Carlos Lopez (3D)


Name: Carlos Lopez
Country: Colombia
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, ZBrush

This is my new work, inspired by Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth futurama series, start with a sphere for the sketch, then with retopologia, sculpture and maps in ZBrush, correction of the mesh, uvs, and render in 3ds max and composition in photoshop.
I hope you like


This is great! before i read the description i thought it looked familiar. good job bringing him to life. maybe a little more sss to his ears would really spice this thing up. and his ears are maybe a tad too long.


very nice work i like the style of the character.

Your modeling and texturing skills are awesome, well done [/font]:thumbsup:



Thank you very much for the comments, I want that he knows more of my work, I invite you to visit my blog http://carloslopezcg.blogspot.com/

Best regards


“Good News Everybody!”

Cool concept for a piece. It would be fun to see an entire series of 'Futurama in Real Life" sculpts.

My comment on making it more farnsworthian if you were so inclined would be to give him a weaker chin and more of an overbite since that’s such a characteristic feature of Farnsworth.


WOW, this is gr8 , the skin looks amazing :buttrock:


So cool!!

You have done an outstanding job on the turtleneck and lab coat!
What shader did you use for them? standard vray material?

My only crit is that the skin could use more sss :wink:

Great job!!


Thanks for the comments of my work;)
I used standard material on the turtleneck and lab coat, and skin with Vray blend material ( Base material Vray SSS2 )

Best regards:applause:


good model, i think you need more interest in the scene .


No crits, I recognized him immediately from the thumbnail, and that´s “good news everybody!”. I know maybe a few things can be improved but in my opinion the piece is great.

Awesome work man!




Love it! Fantastic job! :thumbsup:


My critique would be the earlobe- i would expect a bit of SSS or just red tones in the skin shader with a touch of pink- and it might be a bit long and flat

still, cool:)


Thank you very much for the comments, the truth I’ve put my heart and many nights up late to present to you my best pieces.
many greetings to all;)


Hi guys here is an image of the sculpture.
I hope you like
Best regards



Hey Carlos! Nice interpretation and good render but I think it needs a few tweaks.
I feel you could improve a bit the skin shader and facial features. The character needs a more interesting pose too. Anyway good work, keep it up! Buen trabajo!:thumbsup:


Hi Fabio, thanks for the comments, I tried to get the pose from the original concept that’s why I pose this way, it’s like more personal, as if it worked for others but for this I render this so well, the features are also better suited to really do not want the caricature to character, thank you very much for your input.
here I leave a link to the largest sculpture to see the work detail


I like it a lot :slight_smile: Very cool work !


jojo1975: Thank you very much for the comments,

Best regards


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