Caricature head - Marlon Brando


This has probably been done thousands of times, but here’s my go at it. Very roughed out, I’ve planted some hair and done some detail work and I’m going from here. Figured I’d share some of my work progress.

The design is originally based off of Sebastian Kruger’s rendering of Marlon Brando, just to give you my mindset.

C & C always welcome and appreciated!



It;s looking pretty good so far. Some of the details are lost in the render, but that might be due to lighting. Like the top lip and crease running down the cheek are lost on the one side. But keep up the good work.


Thanks for the comments. Yeah, it’s a pretty cheap render. I’m working on the uv layout now, once I get the texture going, I’ll post an update.


Okay, small update, haven’t had too much time to work on him. Layed out the uvs and am just starting to texture the face.


Okay, here’s a new one, I think the texture is pretty close to being done. I have to add the hair line to it though. Here’s the texture and a new render.

Thanks for looking


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