Caricature attempt


hello, i have long been off forums and drawing. Now autumn started and winter is coming, i felt the need to pick up my
artistique skills and move on with practise in 3D world. It still is awesome where i can lose myself easly into.

Last project unfortunatly failed due to multiple crashes in Maya. It was 80% finished. This time i try to ,make a caricature model of
a bodybuilder from the “golden era” late 19 seventies to eighties. He was 2 time mr. Universe. His physique was what i liked.
He had Big Guns ( arms )

Here are some screenshots and testrender of the head i started. Still needs a bit of adjusting, and try to make realistic hair. I run maya 2013


ok, got the problem solved.

Below, one of the few good front view reference of this person in pose

making teeth, here i deformed his head a little. More to do

Putting him in the lattice cage for some torture

enduring a bit of pain

done sofar. Minor adjustments to be done

Test render mental ray


A hairy job

not sure if this is the best way to make hair, but making it with many curves , adjusting them to achieve a hairstyle likeness as in the ref.picture.
about 8-10 hairs a clumb, and see how it works out later. I copied faces of the skull wich contains hair. Below screenshot of progress.


slapped a wig on his head. After placing thousand+ curves to get the hairstyle about right. May need some tweeking later. For now
i leave it as it is. A little at his nose has been done too. I will go on and start on the body wich will be quite a challenge.

again a test render with simple lightning


Will you be using a texture for the eyebrows, more 3D hair or just leaving the brows off?


i’ll get back to it, will be made 3d hair, got tired of doing hours of hair implants :smiley:


Did you try using Zbrush to play around with the features of the face more?
Just curious, because while it’s great that you are polymodeling, playing around in Zbrush can really help you push certain areas of the model more at a much faster rate.
Maya tends to crash a lot and some perks of Zbrush is it does quicksaves for you while you are working.
Other than that, the model definitely looks caricatured. Good job :slight_smile:


Thank’s . Can you imagine, 40-50 hours went into this other project and i could’nt recover the file. Its dead.
I aint got no zbrush, have to do with Maya only. I am not modelling in to much detail, i’ll try to figure ( learning ) out texturing, and what results may be.
Besides that, to heavy a polygon mesh will result in a rather complicated uv layout, at least i will freak out then :scream:


I was busy treating myself on a texture lesson in another scene. Today going back to this one, working on the neck. It is still not attached to the head.
I am not really happy about the edgeflow, But i was looking for a way to incline the lines that follow the muscle. I had to go in there working with the
polysplit tool, and then get rid of traingles. If it does not show some strange results in smooth prev. its ok. It will be no rigging character


i could not find a good way to start of going to build from the neck on down. I was thinking as building the shoulders and chest from
sphere and cube and attach them later. Discard that idea, and i started extrududing edges wich detrmine the form or “lines” for shape.
In between i bridged and extruded more to completion. Worked single vertices, “massaged” faces, edges, vertices in smoothed view.
Made some corrections to the head to neck. Although i do not know exactly the anatomy of the human body, i have some experience
from my days as doing bodybuilding myself. Below is a screenshot of progress.

Its a chill rainy sunday, a good excuse to spend time with modelling, listening chillhop and have a glas of Tallisker whiskey.

have a good day y’all


A test render to see the shape its getting. Ears look like figs and need to be worked on or even new ones. What would the world be
if we just could swap ears, noses and other bodyparts like in virtual world. :eek:
Chest is coming along, but far from finished. At the base of the neck it looks to curvy ( arc ) so i dig in and fine tune it bfore continuing adding
polygons. And the fella has to many teeth in the front row! Need to adress this too.


Little update. I said before, it’ll be a challenge for me, modelling the body. I have no good pictures of his back, so a lot will be
imagination, and reference pictures of other bodybuilders who have similar build and good backshots.
Also to model the disortion in, is somewhat difficult, at the same time i got to bring his “characteristic features” out. Extruding
parts of polygons, to make lines of overall shape. Not adding to much divisions now. I have to get down agressivly to his waistline,
as it gets towards “tiny” lowerpart. Relative short guy, short legs, big arms and shoulders. The last two were his trademark i think.

Screenshot of how i approach the form of his body.
if anyone has comments, tips, critics, go ahead shoot


You should build a WAY smaller polycount geo at the start to define your shape then upres to match the amount of polycount on the face. Because now you are modelling too much for nothing.


yes you’re right. I lost myself a bit in there. The reason was, i could not see the shape coming along so well with much less poly’s, like were the upper
chest ends to shoulder and shoulder to the upperarm biceps.
I thought it was a good way to extrude single edges “lines” to define the shape, like in my previous post. And build around it. As the bodyparts still seperated pieces
i can do go and try shape the lower body part with much less polycounts. and match them later. Thank you for your feedback.