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Hello all,I am long time lurker on this forums and I have a question for you guys. I know that this topic has been discussed a lot, but I would still love your personal opinion about my specific problem.

I am dealing with huge dilemma about my career path, which does not leave me calm, because it is, after all, a lifetime decision. I am a 26 year old law student and as I am facing with a situation where I have to choose, whether to pursue law or to decide to go on a different path of 3D animation. Animation is something I’ve always liked to do, especially in high school, but I have always thought this is just a hobby. Reason for this is mainly that there is practically no institution in Slovenia that would offer such knowledge.

Because of law school and my busy schedule (working part time) I left my passion for animation behind.In the last year I’ve been thinking about this a lot, I’ve read a lot of advices and other things about animation on the internet , mostly on forums. I am familiar with the fact that this is a very competitive area and if you are not good you have nothing to do here. The popular opinion is also that most people learn via Internet and that you don’t need a school.

I would like to study abroad very much, but every school, whether public or private (USA, Canada and also in the EU), requires good drawing skills and a strong portfolio.This is the thing that raises biggest doubts about everything. I don’t know how to draw to save a life, not at all. What is your opinion on all this? Do you think it’s a smart decision to leave the law (let me say that I have two more years of study and I have been studying for quite some time) and direct all the forces into animation.

My potential plan is to find a temporary job (whatever) here in Slovenia and at the same time study animation via internet and sing up for a local drawing course, and then after a year I would apply for the online school ANIMATION MENTOR.

I know that in such cases you should not look for money and that the passion for animation is what counts, but is there a future in animation and can you find a good job if you are solid? I have a lot of doubts, especially because I am starting from scratch and without any background knowledge and i am also not the youngest.

I am also afraid about the fact that in Europe, especially in Slovenia, the 3d industry is something unknown and is so difficult to survive. In USA and Canada the competition is massive and there are huge number of people who have much better conditions for education in this field and are gaining much needed knowledge.
Is it smart to pursue something like this? I know that I have passion and I am prepared to work really hard every day and night and I would be extremely pleased if I could once say that I am a professional animator.
But nowadays it is still necessary to look at the fact that you have a solid income and you can afford something from time to time. So I would ask you whether it is realistic to think about animation as something that I could do all my life?
I am not delusional about reaching a job at disney or pixar ect.

What would you do?


Hey man!
I work in the video game industry in the UK… I worked in Italy for 2 years as a 3D artist, then I decided to move to the UK and study to become a Technical Artist (I had some money aside, enough for about 1 year more or less). So I took some online courses and practised every day. I did it man, I got a job after 6 months and I am super glad I took that risk.

I think you have good opportunities here in Europe, there are many jobs for animators out there, even though there is competition you can definitely find something if you are willing to adapt and search in different fields, like video games / mobile games or advertising. Then once you are in, it’s easier to switch and choose film animation or whatever you wanna do.

Speaking of education, if you don’t have lots of money online courses are your best option, but you will need to have a strong motivation and study and practise every - single - day, like if you are working 8hrs a day. In a few months you will starts to see results and you can start creating a portfolio to apply for a job.

I don’t really have a definitive answer for you my man. If you still want to keep studying law and also study animation I think it will be tough… it’s a very hard choice.
What I can tell you is that both animation and video games are good industries to work in, it’s a lot of fun. It’s hard (like everything in life) but worth it.
And another thing I’m sure is that hard work is rewarded in these fields. If you apply and practise you will get results, and with results you will definitely get a job. It may take 1-2 years but if you will do it. I think that it’s not about talent, it’s about practise and hard work (always with humility. Ask and listen to feedback). Talent can save you some time …

I have a friend that is doing an Animation Mentor course and she is liking it. I can ask her for advise if you want to know more, but I think it’s definitely worth it. Maybe if you don’t have the money for it you can start by searching less prestigious courses, like on Udemy or Pluralsight, they are surely decent enough to get you started!

Sorry no one has answered to you yet, don’t despair! :slight_smile: (it could be because you wrote such a wall of text that people are scared to read it… put some spaces between those paragraphs, haha :stuck_out_tongue:
Best of luck whatever you choose to do


Hey, I really appreciate that you took your time and answered me, it means a lot.
I am happy to say that i already took a leap and decided to go for it. I figure i can always go back to finish law school ( I have only 2 years left) if this won’t work out.

This year i will mostly spend developing my drawing skills and studying animation fundamentals. Hopefully next year i’ll be able too apply for Animation mentor.

I am looking forward to share my progress here in the future for some feedback.
And yes I know that my first question is bit much, and I really thought that I put some spaces in that text, oh well :slight_smile: :)I edited my primary question now :wink:


I recommend finishing the law degree. I hope it isnt too many years till you are finished. Then pursue being an animator, the law job can give you money while you pursue your dream. Im one to stick to safety, risk is ok but not when it could potentially mess up your life.