Card Flip Reveal


Hey all,

I’m trying to make a “card flipping” animation. It’s a single long ribbon - and it will reveal as the squares flip over in a sweeping motion across the screen.

I am able to achieve the sweeping motion with a shader effector using a linear falloff. How do I animate the opacity / visibility so that it doesn’t reveal until the square starts flipping?

Here’s a link to the file:

Any and all help is greatly appreciated.




Without having looked at the file you provided, could you maybe do something along the lines of an animated gradient shader on an alpha channel?


Not sure what you mean by opacity / visibility ?

If you mean showing what’s on the bottom of the card as they start to flip over,
it could be as easy as having one texture for the “front” and one for the “back”.


On the Shader Effector enable the “Visibility” option then in the Min / Max settings change the “Maximum” value to 30%. Animate the effector moving across the clones and as they rotate they become visible.

Hope this helps.



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