Carcrash, Julien Vanhoenacker (3D)


Title: Carcrash
Name: Julien Vanhoenacker
Country: Thailand
Software: 3ds max, After Effects, VRay

This is a Hi-Resolution rendering of a commercial we did some time ago.

The road, the background and the inside of the truck are camera mapped, the rest is full CG from Refs. Animation is based on default morphers in Max, particles were setup with Thinking Particles and rendering achieved with VRay… a few touches of compisiting then…

For this Hi-Res version however i experimented a some kind of spectral motion blur, where the color spectrum is shifted according to speed, just for fun, i really doubt this to be realisitic, but still interesting…

You can view the full commercial on this forum : here.

And here is some WireFrame :



Here is a mirror of the animation:


Excellent! Superb! Catches the velocity well! :thumbsup:


Great job!
Awesome dynamic…
I like it a lot.

Keep it up


:thumbsup: Excellent work !


awesome dude, nice work . keep it up.


Here you can find a BIGGER resolution for both the picture and its wireframe :

It’s easier on this hi-res to see the shifted spectrum i was talking about above…


Amazing man, amazing!


yo dude…amazing finish…its a terminal velocity!!..gr8!..never seen like this in the forum before…cheers mate!


wow, I always love fx like that
want to know more info about your works,
5 for you !
where can I download your awesome movies ?




wowwwwww ! !! !5 stars for me & front page ! !
excellent stuff , original point f view and nice realisations !! it’s excellent !!
very realistic !!

very impressive fx !! another !! ! :bounce:


Just fantastic:bounce:


clap clap clap…just perfect:buttrock:


absoluutly amazing!
i m speechless…


wow,really good


what the…!

man that’s a perfect execution of car crash! awesome!


Excellent from all angles! Very thought provoking :sad:

Edit- Just wanted to say again that I have viewed it few times now and it’s still very powerful and depressing :cry: Yep! front page material.


yep. frontpage.




the film is stunning not only in terms of FX. The editing and the colors are amazing !!



Great Work!