carachter : retro futur kamikaz


started this one a whil back … working on it in my little free time ,
he would serve as a pilote for a death bringing machine of doom :bounce:

modelling in modo , rendering in lw + post


this would be the targeted look … kind of dawing/painting


are u using sketches or any blueprints for this ?
if so i would love to see one of them
as far as i can see, the model looks clean
post a unsmoothed wire if u can thus i can comment better


nope … no sketches or blueprints …
just modelling ‘‘on the flow’’
folowing my inspiration… would post some other wire this evening …
in the mean time …
here a small test to see how the shader/post behave in movement


Very good work overall. I particularly like the helmet (you are a master in this field) the googles and obviously the set of expressions.

Probably one of my favorite character from you since Jack Napalm and the Rabbit with the big penis :smiley:

BTW… whatever you have in hands LW, Maya, Modo, Max, XSI, you do great things… Keep on “amusing” us with your very heteroclit characters.


Holy crap that’s awesome.

I don’t know whats better. Your awesome character design, the technical aspects of the model. Or the awesome shading and render work.

Will we get a tutorial on this one? :stuck_out_tongue:


Superb! The rendering looks very beautiful :thumbsup:


Wow, great work!

Cool render style :applause:

  • Susanne


realy nice work…like it alot… :thumbsup:


Nice work. He looks more chinese than japanese though.


nice as always!

Brad Mick


it´s coming around nicely. this is going to be fabulous. although i think he could look better with bigger teeth. kind of like Mickey Rooney as Mr. Yunioshi in Breakfast at Tiffany´s, but then again he would look a lot less menacing. could be funny though.


hehe i see i see…
but i wantto avoid these kind of karikatural cliche …
want to keep the ‘‘heroic’’ aspect of him…

hope to find some time this weekend… to restart the body


spent this evening working on the jacket and gloves


nice jacket… very nice expression on the third pic :smiley:

Christophe, I notice that, similar to your current avatar, the neutral pose of your characters’ eyes is a bit… hmmmm… special :smiley: Do you feel more comfortable when you model crazy people ? :smiley:

keep us updated


respect man. truly inspirational. i say that with complete sincerity and without drooling on my keyboard. if you could, please share a wire. unsmoothed if possible.



Looking really good, he has some kind of childish feel to him wich adds to the style. His shoulders look very round, u might want to slightly square them up, it will add the feel that there is a bone structure under the jacket, but then again it’s all about preference. Keep it up :thumbsup:


I would say HOLY CRAP, but this is just normall stuff for you man…

AWESOME!! Cant wait to see mroe on this, thanks!!!


My hat is off to you my friend! This is excellent modeling, and to think you did it in modo… man you learn fast! This is by far the best char. i’ve seen from you yet (my opinion). Great attention to detail. I will subscribe to this thread for sure! :bounce:


wow! this is excellent! and you build this from scrap… unbeleivable! :thumbsup: