Car Seat, Benjamin Ziegler - Freelancer (3D)


Title: Car Seat
Name: Benjamin Ziegler - Freelancer
Country: France
Software: 3ds max, finalRender

A personnal project to learn more about UVs, Finalrender and the new Cebas Plugin, FINALDOF.

Comments are welcome :wink:


Looks nice…I’m not sure about the POV. Got another view? Texture looks good too.


Yea it looks like a clean render but hard to tell from the camera angle. Render a full view of the object. Texturing looks nice :slight_smile:


Although the camera angle shows the details, a wider shot would also be nice. Other then the standard brand new look, the texturing looks off on the black texture in the top right corner, kinda like the gray and black texture is coming apart creating a really sharp edge. The modelling of the headrest could use some work, some rounded edges would look better, the end just look really flat.

Hope this helps.


Thanks Guys :wink:

Here is another POV. But i prefer the first one as it look like more dramatic :slight_smile:


clean model, good fabric texture, nice render. Not much to say else :slight_smile:


The plastic looks too clean and I don’t think the tv screen sits to well, seems like it’s superimposed.
Love the fabric look very real and considering what a boring subject a car seat is I thought you got a great comp in the first image.

Nive work

Pete B


Hey !
I like the point of view of your first image !
There’s a little bug on the top side of the main part, but otherwise it looks great.
Nice texture, and the depth of field reaaly adds something.
Good work fellow !


nice, but, put a highter smooth, because we can see polys on plastic part (wé, on voit le lissage sur les parties en plastique, c dommage, car c’est super bien fait ^^)


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