Car: Looking for Partner!


Hi, is there some 2D concept car painter, that would like to make a car together???

What am I looking for:

  • 2D Sketches (different views) from a nice Concept Car

What will I do:

  • I will try to make it 3D

Hope to hear from some of you soon…

ICQ: 12712772



hiya JDMedia,

i will give it a go, throw some specs at me and i will draft up something…

e.g. specs
front/rear engine
2,3,4 seater
wheel size

this is a concept i am working on…

check it out and get back to me


What about a rear engined turbo sports car, 2 seater, maybe option to be convertible… 19" rims… :wink: round shapes, spoilered, a lowrider…



Here a few rear views i came up with, tell me what u think.

The first is a roadster, 2 seater, twin turbo with side air intakes. Front mounted intercooler, twin exhausts. Lowrider skirting no wing yet. I think the wheels maybe looking like 21" instead of 19" Roof is designed to come off.

The second is a fastback, 2 seater, twin turbo with side air intakes. Also front mounted intercooler twin exhausts. alien style lowrider skirting no wing yet. 19" alloy wheels. Targa type roof section and rear fastback moulding detaches.

please any C&C would be great. Have to start somewhere.


You definetely have talent man… like the first one very much… but maybe let the rear window flow over into the back (like a porsche 911 has)


Hey again,

Had a look at some 911’s and made the rear window flow into the back. I also moved the fuel filler and made the panel behind the window a retractable Spoiler. There is a few variations on tail-lights and trim. :slight_smile:

what do u think??


I really like it! What about the front (and are you able to make accurate front, side, rear and top views/blueprints of it, when finished?)… can’t wait for updates…


Cool… i will get straight onto the front now.

blueprints will do them asoon as the front is approved. as for accurate blueprints that will be a challenge i am looking forward to.

This is so much fun. :slight_smile:


Hi again,

Take a look at these and tell me what ya think…:slight_smile:

I have done 3 for u…


Yeah great, really like the first one… this is becoming a very nice project :thumbsup: I’ll give some more ideas when I’m back from work!


Hey guys! I just wanted to mention that I love those concept cars! Really nice. My group was actually going to make a racing game a few months back with nothing but concept cars. The only problem was we couldn’t find someone who can draw detailed cars. Once again, your art is just awesome. JDMedia, I can’t wait for your renders of these cars :slight_smile:


I think it needs some spotlights in the bumper, what do u think??


Hi, very very nice… it will need some tweaking, but very nice!

It sucks that we can’t talk via ICQ, because we live in a total different timezone, but I’ve got an idea that might be fun… I’ve got a lot of webspace and maybe we could remove the pics from here and create a virtual car site… like real car brand, we could give it a name etc, release first sketches, clay models, etc… what do you think?

Talk to ya later!



I like the idea of the website, we can put these images on there aswell. I would like to keep this one going on here so everyone can see the progress…:slight_smile:
I like the idea of first release and clay models. Always wanted to do that.
How about a name with car in it for the site…

So the car needs some tweaking …cool
lets do it…:slight_smile:


Yeah great, we would have to think of a brand name, a type name, etc…!!!

Maybe you can try drawing a good sideview now? :thumbsup:


I’ve been following you guys since you started this project. Both of you are to be commended for your efforts. I hope that you provide a link to this website so that I and others who may be following your work can continue to see it’s progress. Great job guys! :thumbsup:


That was quick i just posted the reply.

A brand name hey will have to think of some…
Something powerful and sleek sounding…

When u mean side view do u mean Blueprint or sketch??

Thanx to atenyotkin and jfelrod1960 for the encouragement it is much appriciated.

This is so much more fun than working in the Supermaket but that pays the bills LOL


Haha, yeah that’s true… I mean a sketch… we’re still in the design phase :wink: yeah I’m also thinking of some names right now… (also at work now), I’m looking forward to a side sketch, good luck :thumbsup:

And all others who replied, thanks a lot, it’s really is encouraging!

By the way… when you finish the side view sketch I will download it and try to make some 2D sketches too based on your sketch! Cya!


Hiya i have been flat out doing long shifts at work, I managed to get this one done hope its what you wanted.

take care :slight_smile:


Yeah very nice! I’ll work it out tonight!