CAR CRASH SIGNUP LIST: Post here those who are looking for partners/teams


[font=Verdana] Post on this thread if you are interested in working with a partner/team[/font]
on the CAR CRASH FXwar.

Who knows it might be cool to have a Lightwave competing against a Softimage team.!

Anyway, if you are interested just post so people who are looking for teammates can PM you:

What you want to do:


Hi my name is Luca and I would like to form a TEAM for this competition.
I’m good at particles, TD, compositing and lighting.
Monica.Ta will be joining this team later on and she’ll be doing modeling, texturing, shading, some compositing.
We work with max7 combustion, afterfx.

Thank you


Hey, my names Ricardo, i would like to join a team, to learn and practice, and actually work with a team producing a project, the software i know how to use and am also learning are Softimage|XSI (Foundations), RealFlow(Been learning it), i’ve been learning some Houdini, and some compositing, using Jahshaka(free compositor), i don’t know much about this sort of stuff yet, because i hadn’t had a chance to work, but if someone needs a person to help out, i’ll be glad to work and learn.


Hello my name is chris. I have knowleadge of max, modelling including cars little texturing, good editing in premier and after effcts sound software, presently start on zbrush, and maya I have good theory on vfx . I am happing to learn new stuff.


Name: chris
Program: Max, zbrush, after effects, premier, soundforge,
What you want to do: modeling, abit of texturing and lighting ,compositing, editing


Name : Luiz K.
Programs: Maya, Shake, Premiere, Photoshop. Those I’m the best with, but I’m willing to learn new softwares for this.
What do you want to do: Anything and everything =) From storyboarding, concept art, modelling, rigging, animating, and lighting


I’m not gonna post looking for a team member…cos I’m gonna give this a shot at going solo…but yeah. Count me into the fun. :slight_smile:


Hello , Im a visual effects grad looking for a realistic team entry, not more not less, Crash are tough but we can get away alot with a nice little very short story, im Good on rendering and compositing , modeling np but we may get away with some already premade models. the point is cheat the eye of the comuninity (no less) anybody into it?

the workflow: Maya 6.0, Aeffects6.5, basic but powerful.

fast and expirience is my expectation


sorry for the stupid question as I’ve been out of this loop far to long, when does the car crash challange start?


Next week…

I need to write detailed rules, because this challenge will be quite hard.



Are we allowed to use actual scientific vehicle simulation software? It’s sort of defeats the purpose of “faking” it, but you can still come up with a creative environment or situation.

If so, I wouldn’t mind joining a team that wants to handle the special effects or whatever. I also have plenty of vehicles from digimation(legally).


Name: Pino
Program: Maya Complete 6.5, Lightwave7.5, Vue5 Infinite, Zbrush2
What you want to do: Car or other stuff Modelling, or Environment.

I have also some modlled cars, if it is permitted…


i think I may have to download a car model from somewhere, I had a test run of modeling one, and it would take me too long. I hope that thats ok to do?


[QUOTE=XLNT 3d]Are we allowed to use actual scientific vehicle simulation software? It’s sort of defeats the purpose of “faking” it, but you can still come up with a creative environment or situation.

As long as the final calculation is exported to be rendered in a third party app, I dont see a problem. just identify the source.



I import the sim data with a script in Max. Then I polish off any extras with combustion. It helps to know where the CG(center of gravity) is on specific cars. It can make life a little easier with rolls, pitches and yaws. So if anyone wants that data, let me know and I run the numbers for you.


name : Manny
proggy : maya - zbrush - photoshop (duh)
want 2 do : dont mind doing any modeling - uving (ill do it!!!) - texturing - of anykind
would really like to get some more experience with particles/fluids simulations, im
no expert (yet) but i have a good understanding of how 2 get stuff done.


i would be willing to work to put together an experienced team

    desired entree- fantasy, or hybrid.
    i will work on : 
    * modeling, 
    * texturing, 
    * animation, 
    * particle simulation & effects
    * can work/help on all aspects regarding this competition. 
    looking for: 
  * modelers,
  * animators and rigging,
  * environment modeler,
    * evironment fx, 
    * lighting, 
 * volumetric fx artists,
  * achiteture modelers,
  * 2d texture map artists,
  * texturing,
  • compositing,
    * concept artists,
    * knowledge in combustion,
  • knowledge in after effects software,
    • experienced car and scene modelers,
    • art director to cordinate project participants (preferable high experience).
special -  
    * engineer,
  * 2d drafters. 
        * advertising (seeking out or contacting potential team participants)

    members of this team may use 
    * any software as long as long as it can fit in a max workflow or 
    * are experienced in conversion to max readable files without substantial loss of quality. 
    obviously i would prefure participants to be familiar with 3dsmax. and an eye for HIGH QUALITY WORKS!! 

the above information is subject to change, if you do not meet the criteria let me know and maybe we can work something out even if it isn’t on the list.

    if any experienced and talented animators would like to set the high standard for cg car animation send me a pm with your information and what role you would like to take on.


Hi, I’m quite new to this forum, and I’ve never joined a contest on this forum, but I’m really interested in this paricular contest.
I don’t want to create my own team, I’d prefer to join an existing one. To prove my skills I goin to post a link to my latest work, maybe someone could find it intersting for this contest:


If you want me in your team as modeler, rigger, animator ecc. I’ll be proud to join in and I’ll do my best to contribute.

PM me or send me a mail.



name: polymaze
program: mostly max, photoshop, learning maya and zbrush
what i want to do: stunt driver for stock footage… definitely. um, if that’s not available, i could try my hand at modeling, or lighting.


Name: Mike Cronin
Software: Houdini, but I don’t care what you use. I will make sure we can get assets back and forth.

I want to utterly destroy a car. I’m looking for a modeler, hopefully someone who already has a high detail front engine car modeled up including suspension and undercarriage. I doesn’t need to be rigged; I will have to re-rig it in Houdini anyway. If you like you can participate further by working on the environment. I will do the sim and compositing, plus shaders and rendering for the car. Would also like some collaboration on direction and cinematography.