Captain Jack Sparrow, Jeremy Roberts (3D)


super super work:thumbsup:. I really love this stuff.


very very nice

amazing work


Hey great job man, its a great piece of work…keep it up


It’s an awesome piece, just one thing though. Where’s the hair on his chest?

5 stars dude.


i like it …:eek:


Nice work! moustache and black area also looks great.:scream:


Excellente work man, i like that !


Great job! Five stars!


amazing job! keep it up!


He’s so real, I can smell him.:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:


Nice work, the leather texture/shader might need some work though, the cloth shirt looks like rubbery paper and I’m sorry but I think he doesnt look like Sparrow; Johnny Depp has a much more smooth face, you’ve got way too much cheekbones, caving at the cheek, the overall face is a bit too wide I think, the eyes are too much inward, brow too much pronounced and the nose bridge way too narrow, nose is too wide at the tip and overall too bumpy, I think you put too much man in his face, Johnny has much more feminine features, which give him his good looks. I would perhaps try to put in more likeness, try putting the face mesh on a say Donny Brasco and you’ll feel it yourself. I understand the issue when modeling a likeness… eventually you just don’t see what’s wrong anymore… however, I hope you will find some value in this post and have some sort of epifani or something and thank me for my bluntness ^^ Excellent work though, keep it up!


Woah, that’s really great. 5/5 from me.:thumbsup:


I made it my desktop image. Hows that for a compliment.

Awesome work. Actually makes Depp look cooler then he actually is, since I found his character less cool and more silly slapstic in the latest film…



Very! Impressive!
How long did this take you?
Are there any screenshots of the process from poly to final available?


good jop…

but can you tell us the main idea !! :deal:

becuse i like it :thumbsup:




Great great piece of art. You’ve got my 5 stars :wink:



really great job.Excellente work.I like this work.
5 stars!


good modeling and likness but i think mustachio have some tweak since the orginal have more

variation .:slight_smile:


this art work suerly deservs a cg award.

great work man.


:eek: fantastic! looks great and excellent! :thumbsup: