Captain America, Sven Juhlin (3D)


Wow absolutely amazing work! Top notch!!!
I live the pose and the cigar! 5* from me!


Man, that’s all kinds of awesome!!

IMHO, He looks perfect, but what the hell do I know? I’m not a character modeler.

Maybe when he’s tired of the whole “Superhero” thing, he can fall back on a Career in porn. I mean, that’s quite the set of gentleman’s baggage he’s got there… now I know why his legs are so muscular!..

But seriously… you did a great job! The modeling, texturing and lighting are all fantastic! 5 stars from me as well



masterpiece … :thumbsup:


Stunning work, I hope to see this on the front page very soon! Amazing details, such a gritty hard look. Well done! Also some of the other work in your portfolio are just ace!

Cant wait to see more! Catwomen? Superman? :bounce:


i love the captain :buttrock:


Great execution of an amazing character.



fantastic work,i really like it


Great work !
I have the feeling to see a “Franck Miller Dark Knight” version of Captain America.


Wow…so great image…excelent model, texture e render…congratulations…


Whoa I have to agree with infinite I hope to see this on the front page very soon! Amazing details, and great composition. Great job can we see some wires, and and what kind of shaders did you use either mental ray shaders or maya base shaders, because the shaders are incredible.


Excellent work! Love the shader quality!


a model 3d correct, but we must observe aspects of work, for example, the character is very low, background is not good, and the character appears smoking without any relation with the illustration, I think that illustration has several topics, composition, values, family of colors, etc… and these items should be worked, excuse my poor english, plese


Wow… I love the gritty look. Also the look of the shield (which is normally clean and polished). We need some wires man! Wires Wires Wires…:thumbsup:


his boots seem to be nicely comfortable…


thanks everyone for the replies, all of your kind words makes me want to do something new :slight_smile: The base mesh was modelled in Maya and the fine details were sculpted in Zbrush. I then rendered it in Maya - mental ray. The scene has a fill, key and rim light plus some HDRI and final gather. I will try to take some wire screen shoots and post them to. I´m currently working on some new stuff so hopefully I will post something new soon :slight_smile:


I can’t speak many words because of my poor english, I just want to tell you " Good work". :applause:


Great work man! Maybe the boots are to shiny and distract the attention.


That looks stunning, and great representation of Capt. America


absolutely stunning! great details and lighting!


hey svenjuhlin
First of it´s an amazing piece of art here and there`s no critique on the execution itself. Very well done.
But when I saw it, there were two things that distracted me rightaway:
Cap would never ever even toch a cigarette or cigar. That´s totally out of his character. He´s the kind of guy that would encourage anyone he sees with a cigarette to skip that habbit rightaway.
Second is his shield: whatever happens, no matter what kind of mess he´s going through, the shield wouldnt even take a single scratch. It´s sthg comparable to Thors Hammer. The symbol for his strenght and his will: It´s undestroyable.

But as mentionend before, it`s very well done!