Captain America, Sven Juhlin (3D)


Title: Captain America
Name: Sven Juhlin
Country: Sweden
Software: Maya, Photoshop, ZBrush

I had the urge for a superhero and tried to find one that had not´t been done to many times. So a decided to go for Captain America. Base mesh made in Maya and the fine details are sculpted in Zbrush. It´s rendered in Maya Mentalray


nice capitan object… & greate texturing\shading\lighting i like it !


Great work all around!

Any chance of seeing some wireframe/zbrush renders?


Incredible modeling. Low saturation colors fit him well.


thats great work dude, i like it, modeling lighting everything. The only thing that is bothering me is the shield. It seems a bit plastic. But thats just my opinion. 5*s


…the best cap. america i have ever seen!!!


flawless !


the modeling looooks great

i like the shading and rendering
Regards :slight_smile:


I don’t really know much in the way of comics, but I always thought Captain America was a tacky superhero.

You’ve changed my mind with this image. Incredible work all around.


Great work man! i really like the fact that he looks like he doesn´t give a f**k with his cigar! :stuck_out_tongue:

Or maybe it is because he´s so “well hung” hehe :wink:

five stars!!


I just realised what has been bothing me, his legs are far to short. Look at the size of his boots compared to his calf muscle.


great execution on this.


really nice work…
i really like it …a lot of quality …
5 strs fom me

could you post some wires , unishader render ?


ohhh yess superrrrr jobb pls send detail wire etc…


First off Captian America has to be one of my favorite Marvel characters because he embodies the USA. He has that cross between the mainstream and the Ultimate version, the shield looks has a battered up look (maybe one to many hits from the Hulk?) but he has that tough gritty appeal. Want to know is it high or low poly? did you model each link of his scalemail or is that a material?


Very nicely done. fantastic work on the shader/maps for the suit, and skin shader. you made this superhero feel …strong and kickass ( when, to me, the original one is quite sh*ty). So, great job.
Would love to see some base-mesh wires and maps. (is this normal maped, or straight-from-zbrush-high-poly render?)

  • can you quickly tell us what you did concerning the shaders // lighting?

only crit would be the background could need more work. maybe - tho still blurry - make it an american flag, avoiding straight vertical lines .

Anyways thumbs up :slight_smile:


nice job. Didn’t know the cap smokes though. fat cigar makes him like wolverine.


great work !


very nice…kickass shading and modelling
as far as modelling concerns the short legs have already been mentioned (but he might be a sitting giant/sitzriese), but then …the very low sitting ears make him look a bit …cute ?! :surprised

otherwise great work


Sweeeet! Great render feel and awesome character expression!5*