Captain America, Bobby Liauw (3D)


Title: Captain America
Name: Bobby Liauw
Country: Indonesia
Software: Maya, mental ray, Photoshop, ZBrush

Here’s a little tribute for Captain America…
When I was a kid, there’s a moment when I’m very fascinated by masked superheroes, and I believe a lot of you too…Hopefully this image can help us recall…
Created the base mesh in Maya, Textured in Zbrush & Bodypaint, Rendered out as different passes in Mental Ray, then comp it together in Photoshop. Hope you like it! Cheers!


I dont know dude, this image looks awsome! You captured his soul, he’s thinking. This is hard to create in 3D but you did it! Textures, modeling, looks pretty damn real and the way they should look. Awsome work! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


hmm watch out for the tip of his eyes… pull the polygon up a bit so it covers his eyes more… right now it feels like the eye socket got slice open.

his mask needs some work too. I would assume you just extrude the polygon on his face and recolor it to form the mask right? You will have to work on the edges of the mask a bit, especially when you are doing a high detail close up shot. Areas such as around the ears and nose where the cloth material feels like plastic needs some work. Also think about how the mask cover up his face, especially on his nose area. The mask should be stretchy, but right now it feels like a a hard plastic mask that just happen to fit on his face. I would try to stretch the polygon so it feels more like a spandex instead of plastic.

other than that the piece is pretty solid. Good texture, modeling and lighting :smiley:


your image is very clean

u a great

good luck 4 ever


@kOsMos3D : Thanks a lot for your compliment man! :smiley:

@edgalor : You have a great eyes for detail, that’s true, I should’ve pull the polygon more in the eye area. I like your comment, very usefull for me. For the mask though, I don’t want to make it like spandex or rubber, it’s a different material for the mask and the suit itself. It’s almost like batman mask where the material is solid. Hope you understand what i mean…But, thanks for the comment, really appreciate it.

@simyevil : Thanks man! Good luck for u too!


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