Can't upload to portfolio


I have a question.
I just spend over a week on a personal project. Build everything from scratsh.
I’m proud of it and wanted to put it in my portfolio.

Guess what… they think it’s a photo, so it can’t be uploaded. (Job well done!)
But there are more people who make images that could be a photograph. It’s the quality we are looking for right? Trying to make it as believable as possible.

How can i upload my image to my portfolio?
(As proof i can send screendumps of my Maya file, send renderlogs or whatever.)

PLZ Help


As far as I’m aware, there are no criteria for simply adding images to your portfolio - only if you want to add it to the 3D stills gallery. I also believe there is a limit on the amount of images you can have in your portfolio if you are not a CGS member, which may be why it is not visible?

There is a support section here : you might get more help if you post here.


If you’re talking about the abandoned Bel Air image, I see that it is in your Portfolio.


Don’t know what is changed but it’s in my portfolio now.
Well, that’s all i wanted, so i’m happy now.


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