Can't select faces, lines, verteces when up close!


Sometimes it feels like my meshes gets ‘‘corrupt’’, because at random i can’t click my mesh anymore and i can only select it by dragging a huge border around it.

Then when it is selected i can’t select a face when i’m up close to the model, but when i zoom out i can select the faces no problem.

This is happening to me at random and i don’t know why. it immediatly makes me to a stop because i can’t model anymore, which results in me creating a new mesh which ofcourse isn’t a solution.

i’m using max 2017 but this also happened to me in max 2015/2016 i believe, is this happening to more people and does anyone know a fix for this?

(and no it’s not window crossing, isolate mode and it’s not frozen.)


Ever since they changed the viewport engine to Nitrous it has an issue where you can’t click edges if you zoom in close in Perspective view. I haven’t seen that issue on vertices or polygon sub-object levels though. there’s no fix, I think it’s an issue with how the viewport handles depth.


Thanks for the reply, shame that there’s no fix for it now. luckily it’s a ‘‘rare’’ bug for me.


I figured out a quick fix(atleast for me max 2017), i selected my mesh via the select by name tool and then converted the mesh into an ‘‘editable mesh’’ and then converted it back to ‘‘editable poly’’.

This fixed the problem for me, leaving it here so other’s can see it too.


Same here, it’s still present in 3ds Max 2018 because I’m trying to iterate in maxscript with the faces but I can’t do it because the tool I’m making keeps on crashing and the only way to fix it is to convert it to Mesh -> Poly.


Worked like charm. Thanks Jerremia for the tip.


For anyone still having this issue, there’s actually a button that can be accidentally press. It’s a toggle called ‘‘windows/crossing’’. widnows mode means you need to drag an square selection over the entirety of whatever you want to select, crossing mode means you only need to cross a part of whatever you want to select. Crossing mode is the one you has always work for the past 20 years lol. not even know why that window mode even exist or its utility besides being annoying. hers a picture of where it is.

This is even more annoying while unwrapping complex geometries, so i hope this small information helps.