Can't see the light, Robert Hitzer (3D)


Title: Can’t see the light
Name: Robert Hitzer
Country: Germany
Software: BodyPaint, CINEMA 4D, Photoshop

Just a simple little man, created for testing purposes…
Took about 6hs of work afaik. Rigged, animated (yes it is :wink: ) in Cinema 4D R10.5.


very nice i like :slight_smile:
shaders and lighting are GREAT ! the green coat shader is jaw dropping


Nice texture, lovely idea . I like it :applause:


Nice Image. Like much the render and the ilumination

much rewards


Hi!Great texturing and really nice idea!


i like it this idea or anew idea

jest 1 comment , the lamp is very wight

but your image is great :bowdown:

good luck 4 ever

2** from me


Really nice style you’ve got going there. Got to agree on the shader for the jumper, it’s exquisite, and makes for a really original style. The shadow bothers me about this, and I would take the composition even further, making the character stand on a stool or a chair: make the reach eve farther. I thinks this could make the image even more interesting. 4* from me.

P.S. I disagree about the bulb being too white, I think you’ve got it spot on. :slight_smile:


Darn it, this idea comes a little too late :wink: Thanks for that though…



This image has real appeal.

I agree about the shadow, something about it isn’t right. I think the light is over exposed too leaving the face a bit bleached out.

The jumper is a brilliant piece of texturing, but the bump on the shoes and bag are too strong.

4 stars from me, lovely!


Excelllent idea. Excellent work.


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