Can't see keys in Fcurve window (MotionBuilder)


This is a really silly issue, so much so that I can’t find a tutorial or troubleshooting page in the world to solve it. When I create a keyframe animation in MotionBuilder, I open the Fcurve window and see my curves.

But I don’t see those little white squares representing the actual key!

I’m able to grab the curve and edit it in the Fcurve window ironically, but cannot see the square key dots to tell me exactly where the keys are. What’s the deal?

I’m using MotionBuilder 2013. Thanks!


just to check… is the keyframe button turned on? are you hiliting the x,y or z of the specific channels?


graphic card driver issue? make sure you are running a good card with latest drivers and that any areo features of windows are turned off.


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